The metro tunnel stations will be called…

So the Metro tunnel station names will be, from south to north…

Anzac (working name Domain) — located more-or-less underneath the Shrine of Remembrance, of course. (The Shrine Trustees didn’t want the word Shrine used, by the way. I wonder how they feel about Anzac. Given the usual tight control over the name, I assume appropriate approvals have been granted.)

Town Hall (working name CBD South) — which will have entrances adjacent the Town Hall, in the City Square, as well as direct connections to Flinders Street

State Library (working name CBD North) — entrances along Swanston Street, and connections to Melbourne Central Station. It’ll be a bit north of the library, but takes its name from the nearest major landmark. (I think “Library” would have been snappier, but oh well.)

Parkville — same as the working name, and adjacent to Melbourne University and the hospital precinct. (One of the things the naming panel suggested was signage wording such as “Parkville, for University of Melbourne”, similar to that used at Glenferrie for Swinburne.)

…and are you ready for the twist?

North Melbourne (working name Arden) — yes, they’re going to rename the existing North Melbourne to West Melbourne, to reflect where it actually is located… and use North Melbourne for the brand new station.

It’s not a totally crazy idea. The level of confusion will depend on how well it’s handled.

I’d hope the renaming would happen as early as possible (perhaps when all the network maps are all re-printed for the Mernda rail extension opening in 2019) — well ahead of the new station being completed.

See January 2020 update at the end of this blog post.

Metro tunnel construction on Swanston Street

As for the others… they’re all good location-based names, which tell you precisely where the stations will be, and that was always the priority in my opinion.

Many people said would have liked CBD South to be named as part of Flinders Street, and CBD North as part of Melbourne Central, but emergency services and others raised concerns about confusion with this in emergencies. Hopefully the new rail maps will show the direct connection — this is done on many networks, such as London.

London Tube map showing station connections

I was on the naming panel which gave recommendations to government. I can’t tell you who gave which opinions, but a wide variety of names were thrown around; some geographic/landmarks, some cultural and historic figures and references.

So all in all, a pretty good set of names, which should help people navigate their way around.

… Though fans of the Simpsons, Game of Thrones and Vegemite may not be happy.

And while we wait for the tunnel to be actually built, let’s not forget that some service upgrades (such as all-day ten minute train services to most stations) are possible now, before it’s built.

Update 25/1/2020: The State Government announced that name “North Melbourne” won’t be swapped to the new station after all. Apparently they investigated and found it was very technically complex to do it, with all sorts of technical documentation and systems needing changes, and a risk of safety issues if anything was missed. North Melbourne will remain where it is, and the working name Arden will be used for the new station in the Arden precinct. It’s a perfectly good name, so this makes sense. Herald Sun story (paywall).