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Supermarket fruit+veg bags – all the way from the USA #FoodMiles

Anybody who likes to minimise their food miles might like to note this... increasing numbers of Woolworths supermarkets are using bags for fruit and vegetables that are made in the USA. That's not to say other supermarket bags aren't also imported from a long way away. As far as I've noticed, the Woolworths ones are the only ones that say so. It's a similar story when buying cling wrap -


The data mining behind loyalty cards shows just how devious they can be

This interesting article about data mining shows just how devious they can be. For example, a casino: The system collects data each time a gambler uses their casino loyalty card - be it for gambling, purchasing food in the restaurant or paying for snacks from their room minibar - to create a pattern of their behaviour. The system can see, for example, that the last few times Gambler X visite


Anti-pigeon defences

And now for something completely different: anti-pigeon defences. Pigeons can get everywhere, making nests, leaving droppings. These ones seem very interested in the next trains from Caulfield. It's probably gone mostly unnoticed, but over the past few years, various methods to prevent them roosting have become commonplace. In the case of Caulfield station, they've put in a lot of netti

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Coin deposit reduces dumped shopping trolleys – why don’t they all do it?

Since Woolworths introduced gold coin deposits for trolleys at Bentleigh, you almost never see their trolleys abandoned in the streets. The same can't be said for Coles Bentleigh, who appear to have some trolleys requiring a coin, and some not -- I don't understand the logic of this. On a walk last night, we passed three (non-deposit) Coles trolleys in quick succession on a single block of Jasper


Coles vs Woolworths… Why pay $10 when you can pay… $9.88?!

The supermarket war of Coles versus Safeway/Woolworths has heated up, with roast chicken. First, Coles went to $10. ...then Safeway/Woolworths struck back with... $9.88. These posters were prominently displayed en masse around the Bentleigh Woolworths last night. "Why pay $10" "Only $9.88"? TWELVE CENTS DIFFERENCE? Or to put it in percentage terms, Woolies are 1.2% cheape


Supermarket specials that aren’t. Deliberate, or just careless?

I've turned into one of those boring people who looks out for specials in the supermarket. This deal is from this week's Safeway/Woolworths catalogue. If you happen to occasionally buy frozen fish and frozen chips, it appears to be a pretty good deal, saving $3.55. (Sometimes I'll use this type of thing; sometimes I'd prefer salmon or barramundi fillets on the BBQ, but either way, combine wi


Supermarket trolley deposit

Last week Safeway Woolworths replaced all their trolleys as part of the makeover. And they all require a deposit -- a $1 or $2 coin. Excellent. 'Cos while I don't usually use a trolley, when I do, I'm sick of them having wonky wheels because people have pushed them for miles and dumped them in the street, where they get damaged. I'm sick of finding them in the park, and in my street,


The moral quandary of the self-serve checkouts

At the local Safeway, the renovation (and eventual transition to "Woolworths") is underway, and the self-service checkouts are now operating. There's five of them, compared to three express checkouts, and eight "normal" checkouts. From memory there used to be more normal checkouts, though as at most supermarkets, I don't ever recall all of them being in use at once. I suppose there's somethi