Wrestling with a new blog template

I'm wrestling with a new blog template at the moment. It's kind of mostly working...ish, but there are still a few little issues, such as the main content doesn't line up with the page header quite right. But once the quirks have been fixed, the site should look better, particularly on mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads. It also has a random picture at the top, just for a little v


Stupid web site stuff they could fix easily

(This could have gone to Geek Rant, but it's not overly technical...) Some stupid web site stuff, that would be easy to fix/avoid, that bugs me: When you click to watch an online video, and the player shows you the video advert, but then stops working when it comes to play the actual thing you wanted to watch. (The Age and Channel 7's site seem to do this to me a lot of the time.) When yo


Server hiccup

If you can see this, then (hopefully) things are getting back to normal. A server move was in the offing, but part of it happened sooner than I thought, effectively taking the site offline, and I didn't have time earlier to fix it. Long story. Please leave a comment if you see any more weirdness. By the way, may I recommend FreeDNS if you need to temporarily point a domain to somewhere ot

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The other day I retired one of my oldest web pages, an FAQ on Melbourne public transport. It started life (I think around 1993, before the Web was around) as a Usenet FAQ for the misc.transport.urban-transit group. In 1994 it was posted (with an incomplete attempt to convert it to HTML) on Railpage -- where unfortunately it is still online, as I haven't been able to find someone who can remo

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The Age’s new home page

This is what appeared on The Age's home page this morning (with my additions). They explained that thereโ€™s a new video tab, which youโ€™ll see when the lead story is best told in video. Eh? How is Ultimate Fighting in any way to be regarded as the lead story? Unless Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott jumped in the ring. And why is a pr0n star (I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's a

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A few years ago I did a comparison of the results from online trip planners. Here's an update of sorts. I tested 247 Flinders Lane (which is an address on a one-way street, in an area with lots of turn restrictions and pedestrian streets) to see what the various navigators would do. For the destination I just put Bentleigh (my neighbourhood). Yahoo Maps couldn't give me an answer, reporting


ABC web site useable again

I noticed the other day that the ABC Local web sites were down for maintenance. They got a revamp in mid-2008 that left it incredibly messy. Apart from the garish green and black colours, it was impossible to find things. It's like they forgot that they're most often promoted via the ABC Local Radio stations; finding programme information and clips was really difficult, lost in a sea of link