Wrestling with a new blog template

I’m wrestling with a new blog template at the moment. It’s kind of mostly working…ish, but there are still a few little issues, such as the main content doesn’t line up with the page header quite right.

But once the quirks have been fixed, the site should look better, particularly on mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads.

It also has a random picture at the top, just for a little variety.

Comments, or issues you might see most welcome! If you see a problem, please let me know the device, browser and version.

One conclusion: I find CSS to be a little like black magic.

Update 16/1/2014: Some more tweaks thanks to feedback. Have made the page wider, allowing bigger images (will now use 800 width Flickr setting). Memo to self: add class=”postpic” to avoid them going out of proportion when seen on smaller screens.

Stupid web site stuff they could fix easily

(This could have gone to Geek Rant, but it’s not overly technical…)

Some stupid web site stuff, that would be easy to fix/avoid, that bugs me:

When you click to watch an online video, and the player shows you the video advert, but then stops working when it comes to play the actual thing you wanted to watch. (The Age and Channel 7’s site seem to do this to me a lot of the time.)

When you click to zoom on a picture, and it pops up another copy of the picture that’s the same size (or even smaller).

When the site is all written in Flash or some other method that makes it look like crap or not appear at all on some devices such as mobiles, or non-Internet Explorer browsers (despite most other sites working fine) and also gives it non-standard navigation such as scroll bars, and causes it not to be indexed by search engines. (Example: Game Traders)

Articles on a site that have no URL of their own so you can’t share/tweet/cite them properly. (Example: the “Myki tips” article currently on the Myki web site)

404 pages that wipe out the URL you were trying to get to, so you can’t see what you got wrong. (There’s no reason for this. It’s perfectly possible to set up a web site with an informative 404 page that doesn’t remove the URL.)

Clicking on a link that goes to another page on the same site, and it opens in a new window… repeatedly, as you navigate around the one site.

Search field that wisely shows you what you searched for when you see the results, but then clears itself when you go click on it to change it slightly and search again. (Example: Lasoo)

A gallery of photos where it claims you’re on Picture 9 of 10, but (every time) the 10th/last page turns out to be an ad for something else. (Example: Any News Limited photo gallery)

What bugs you?

Server hiccup

If you can see this, then (hopefully) things are getting back to normal.

A server move was in the offing, but part of it happened sooner than I thought, effectively taking the site offline, and I didn’t have time earlier to fix it. Long story.

Please leave a comment if you see any more weirdness.

By the way, may I recommend FreeDNS if you need to temporarily point a domain to somewhere other than where your usual hosting ISP is pointing it.


The other day I retired one of my oldest web pages, an FAQ on Melbourne public transport.

It started life (I think around 1993, before the Web was around) as a Usenet FAQ for the misc.transport.urban-transit group.

In 1994 it was posted (with an incomplete attempt to convert it to HTML) on Railpage — where unfortunately it is still online, as I haven’t been able to find someone who can remove it.

When I wrote it, there was little information available online about public transport. But from about the late-90s, official sources of information on public transport became more prevalent online (and in the last few years, more accurate and useful), so now keeping a separate FAQ is largely pointless, and potentially confusing, so I’ve taken it offline, though it lives-on in the Internet Archive.

The page had a slightly awkward format (designed by someone on the Usenet group) to allow better comparisons between cities, but (like this old video) some of the detail means it is something of a time capsule.

Fare procedures: Tram: pay conductor (or show valid ticket). On Z class trams, when paying, place your money in the tray in front of the conductor. On driver only trams, pay the driver. Exact change is not required, although large notes may not be accepted. Keep your ticket as proof of payment until you alight.

Here, just for laughs, is the old FAQ’s rail map (remember, it was originally posted on Usenet, which takes plain text only).

                                                 ZONE 2      .
                                  *Epping                    .
                    ZONE 2        |            *Hurstbridge  .     ZONE 3
        Broad- *             .....|.......    /               .
        meadows|    *Upfield.     |  ________*Eltham           .
               | ...|......       | /      .                   .
ZONE 2        .|.   |     ZONE 1  |/        ..                 .   *Lilydale
             .  \   |             *Clifton    ..               .  /
  St Albans* .   \  | Nth         |Hill         ..Box Hill     . /
           .\     \ | Melb        |               ..    *_______*Ringwood
         .   \__*__\_\_*___*_*_   |       Camberwell.  /       . \
      Footscray/         | 3 4 |  |           *_______/        .  \
        .     |         2*    5*  |Richmond  /   \   .  ZONE 2  .  \
        ______*Newport    \_*__|_/__*______*/     |  .          .   *Belgrave
       /.     |             1        \Burnley\    *Alamein     .
      /  .    *  ~~~~~~~~            |\       \    ..         .
     *    . Williamstown~~   ZONE 1  | \       \______*Glen Waverley
Werribee      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        |  \       .           .
          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     |   *Caulfield       ..
       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   |   |\   .         ..
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~..|...|.\.. ZONE 2 ..
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sandringham*   |  \    .....       ZONE 3
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    |  .\...
CITY LOOP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...|..  *Dandenong
1 Flinders St~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |     \
2 Spencer St~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Frankston*      \
3 Flagstaff~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |       *Pakenham
4 Museum~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    |
5 Parliament~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stony Point*

     \___ Rail lines
     __*_ Major stations
     .... Fare zone boundaries; overlaps generally apply over 2-3 stations
     ~~~~ Port Phillip Bay

The Age’s new home page

This is what appeared on The Age’s home page this morning (with my additions).

TheAge.com.au new home page

They explained that thereโ€™s a new video tab, which youโ€™ll see when the lead story is best told in video.

Eh? How is Ultimate Fighting in any way to be regarded as the lead story? Unless Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott jumped in the ring.

And why is a pr0n star (I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess it’s about Tiger Woods; I didn’t click on it) a related story to anything on that page?

What I do like is that they’ve split the Victoria and National stories apart, though as-of lunchtime some stories appear to be in the wrong spots — I doubt for instance that today’s Myki story has much national significance.

The Today’s Paper link reflects what’s in the print edition for the day, which is probably a good idea. I like the way it gives more prominence to the PDF copy of the front page.

And I wonder if this declaration is laying down the gauntlet to News Ltd, who have said in the past they’d be moving to a paid content model: But some things havenโ€™t changed. We still bring you the latest breaking news as it happens, free, all day every day, in words, pictures and video.

Anyway, despite the teething problems, interesting to see them changing things around. Now, if they can just get rid of the annoying habit of having the video stories autostart…