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Metro Bingo :-(

Given the Flemington/Showgrounds line isn't running this morning, and the Stony Point line has planned bustitution, I'm going to go ahead and declare that we have Metro Bingo this morning due to the storms. And no, it's not much better on many of the roads. Good luck to everybody (myself included, shortly) trying to get to work this morning. PS. My trip in wasn't too bad. Although

Home life

Ceiling fan – and the forthcoming heat apocalypse

I've got a new ceiling fan in the kitchen. The bloke at the lighting shop said that in a kitchen, a metal fan is good because it can be easily cleaned -- whereas in a bedroom, quieter wooden fans are more often used. He also reckoned for the size of the room, the larger 52 inch blades would work well. So here it is in all its glory. I'm still getting used to it being there up. Sometimes

Going green

A record 9 days above 30 degrees

Thank goodness that scientists aren't warning of any kind of permanent warming of the climate that might prove, y'know, dangerous -- otherwise a record-breaking run of hot days might be a tad alarming. One shouldn't jump to conclusions of course. As Jon Stewart quipped: "Global warming is a total hoax. And I'll tell you how I know. Because it's cold, today, where I live. That's jus' scie

Home life

Insulation is back in my roof (just in time for winter, it seems)

Well, I'm getting there. Last week I had a ceiling fan installed in the livingroom. It'll help on hot days, and because I have ceiling ducted heating, also helps distribute heat better on cold days as well. To do this, the old light fitting was removed. I'm hoping it might be worth something -- I was never that keen on it, but it does appear to be an original, making it about eighty year

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Trip home last night in the pouring rain was interesting. Train was very slow going between Hawksburn and Malvern, as much of the rail line in the cutting was underwater. As the train departed Ormond, we saw the subway was flooded. On arriving at Bentleigh we waited about 20 minutes for the rain to subside. The exit itself had a minor flood (a couple of inches) but thankfully the rain had virtu

Friends and loved ones, Melbourne

Lovely summer weather

Isaac and Jeremy have gone to Hawaii for Christmas with their mum and her family. The Hawaii weather forecast appears to say that today it's 28 degrees (C) and mostly sunny. Given the weather today in Melbourne, I'm beginning to get quite envious. Oh, is that thunder I hear now? Even better! I know we've had a drought, but at what point can we stop saying "oh well, we need the rain