Maribyrnong’s underwater park: an update

Do you remember the pics of the brand new Maribyrnong playground from a couple of weeks ago, showing severe drainage problems?

New park in Maribyrnong underwater

On Saturday night there was heavy rain in the area, but evidently the City of Maribyrnong’s drainage experts have been busy, because on Sunday morning the park was almost dry — and certainly not underwater.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

I like the way the notices made it clear they weren’t totally oblivious to the problems.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

Would it have killed them to design this playground with some drainage?

For some time I’ve had my doubts about the competence of the City of Maribyrnong engineering department, specifically the people who design and manage drainage.

This is because in the eight years I’ve known Marita, the section of street in front of her house has always flooded at the merest hint of rain.

These doubts have not been quelled by the sight of this brand new playground near the Farnsworth Avenue, on Sunday morning. Granted the playground is not quite complete, but surely adequate drainage is not something that is added at the last minute?

New park in Maribyrnong underwater

Look! It’s Nessie!
New park in Maribyrnong underwater

At least there’s a life buoy. It might well be needed.
New park in Maribyrnong underwater

The plan for the house

I was chatting to a carpenter bloke about various things around the house, which helped solidify some of the ideas I’d been pondering for some time now. After years of inaction, I’m finally starting to move on them.

I’ve had the Attic Ladders people come in for a quote, and they’re now booked-in to install a ladder into the ceiling this Thursday. It’ll be in the front hallway. They’re also arranging for someone to cut up and take away the old water tank which is still up there, and to tidy up some of the old disused pipework which is preventing there being more usable space.

Then I’ll get the carpenter bloke back in, to look at what I originally called him for — to check and repair the ceiling at the front of the livingroom, which is drooping a bit.

Replacing the loose insulation with batts (which should be more effective, and less dusty) is on the agenda, and I’m pondering replacing the kitchen halogen down-lights (which I currently avoid using very much) with LEDs. Flat boards will go into the ceiling to create some storage space.

The 4-drawer filing cabinet in the back room will be replaced with a 3-drawer one (I’ve already consolidated/chucked-out a bunch of paperwork) in the ex-diningroom cum computer room, replacing an existing storage unit which also holds papers (as well as being a perch for the printer).

I’m pondering a small shelf unit along one wall of the laundry to accommodate the laundry basket with the toolbox, which is currently stored in the back room.

The gutter along the back porch will gain a second down-pipe. At present when it rains heavily, it overflows because it has a very slight drop to single existing down-pipe on the eastern side. That water then leaks through the back window.

Once the roof has storage space, and the leaking window issue is solved, that’ll allow me to clear out the back room, which should work as a bedroom for Jeremy, currently sharing with Isaac. It’s small, but will still be an upgrade.

That’s the plan so far.

(This is one of those posts I’ll probably look back on in a year and wonder why I never got past step 1.)

Water taps

I’ve seen these water taps in hospitals and airports.

Water tap

It’s great that they’re provided, but the problem with them is you basically have to stick your head into the wall to get a drink out of them. So if you’re not very coordinated, you’ll probably bump it, as the space isn’t overly generous.

Surely they could provide just a little bit of space outwards — or upwards — to make it easier to use?