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Retail therapy

Just a quick few points while I work on a more complicated post that's (inevitably) transport related... Shopping bags Many major retailers are phasing out single-use plastic bags. Or to be precise, they're phasing-out free bags. Woolworths: 20/6/2018 Coles, Target, Big W: 1/7/2018 Aldi never gave away bags. K-Mart is phasing out free bags during 2018-19. This is not the f

Home life

Using less water

My latest water bill arrived, and I'm feeling pretty smug about it because without even trying, my water consumption has dropped by about 20% compared to a year ago. A few years ago household use had been around 250 litres per day. A switch to a water-efficient showerhead in 2007 saw it drop by about 20% to 200 litres per day, or 110 litres per person per day (taking into account the normal

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Brief things and followups

Star Trek TNG -- We started watching them all about a year ago, and are so far up to season 6. I wonder if in remastering for DVD, they changed the framing of some shots -- it's surprising how often we spot a boom mike in shot. (Reminds me: Must watch the "Car Pool" interview with Patrick Stewart, being driven around by Robert "Kryten" Llewellyn.) Washing machine -- I'm liking the new washing m

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Smug – the washing machine

The washing machine is going well. Reading the new Myer catalogue, I thought I could feel smug that I'd paid $200 less than their sale price of $1099, then I noticed that the mob I bought it from has since dropped it by $80. Ah well, still happy with it. The only question is -- should I peel off the energy and water rating labels, or leave them there for prolonged smugness? What do th


Round and round and round

My washing machine is a Hoover, which is about 15 years old. It's been pretty good over the years, though in that time I reckon the service people have been called out perhaps 4-5 times (twice that I recall for blockages which I later learnt to fix myself). Now however the spin cycle is making a helluva lot of noise, and vibrating way more than is healthy. It's dying. Given it was only earli