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Walking etiquette

I hope my kids don't feel offended when I point out good etiquette to them. I think they probably know it all by now, but sometimes I'll point it out just to remind them, and sometimes I'll point it out/affirm their actions a little louder than usual so that others in the vicinity can get the hint -- for instance on the escalators at stations: "That's it boys, stand on the left." Little Lon

Health, Working life

The health check

Apparently there have been some alarming results from the workplace health checks underway at the moment. Victorian workers have been given a scare by a State Government-run health program which has found a high percentage donโ€™t exercise enough with a number of people asked to see a doctor within 24 hours. We've had ours on Friday (everybody opted-in, I think), and we seem to be a pretty hea


Walkability (again)

In some cities, they argue about whether or not streets should have footpaths. Thankfully not so much here. Of course, for people to walk, they need somewhere to walk to. An article in the local paper a few weeks ago highlighted the low Walkscores for some suburbs against others: Heatherton was the lowest in the area with a score of just 14. Nearby Dingley (37 out of 100), Oakleigh South

Morons on the road, transport

My rights as a pedestrian

When I'm out walking, I actively (but not foolishly, I hope) defend my rights as a pedestrian. If I have an opportunity to walk safely and legally before a car goes, I will take it. The main rules are not difficult to comprehend, but some motorists just don't seem to understand them. [Page references are those in the Vicroads PDF summary of the road rules.] Red means stop. It doesn't mean