Geelong via Fishermans Bend?

This plan got splashed onto the Age front page on Friday: Tunnel link mulled for Geelong fast trains Of course if you were paying very, very careful attention, this wasn't a complete surprise. The eventual shift of Geelong trains back to Newport and the Metro 2 tunnel was included in a document leaked in 2018, and has been float


SoCross: the interchange

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen this. A man rushed past on the stairs at Southern Cross. He ran down and around the corner, then doubled-back to the V/Line fare gates. My guess is he'd come from the Metro platforms. Here's a short video of what happened next. (It's only 18 seconds to play in full. You


A quick skim of the Annual reports

State government annual reports season ended up hitting late this year due to the election. It's usually in September, but this year everything got tabled in Parliament late on Wednesday. I usually like to browse through the V/Line and PTV reports for interesting factoids... Here are some things I noticed during a quick skim. V/Line annual report 2017-2018 20.8 million trips, up about 1.5 million


Which has more trains? The Upfield line or the Geelong line?

I can't remember who asked the question, but it was a good one: Which has more trains? The Upfield line or the Geelong line? They're quite different rail lines. The Upfield line serves Melbourne's northern suburbs, and runs via the City Loop. It runs electric Metro services through 16 stations (plus 3 City Loop stations). The route is 23km long, and takes about 36 minutes. The Geelong


Public transport compo: what is the threshold?

If you're confused about tram and train compensation thresholds, you're not the only one. PTV announced earlier this month that: PTV CEO Jeroen Weimar said both Metro and Yarra Trams narrowly missed their new targets for punctuality in February, but met their targets for reliability. PTV's web site has figures for February 2018 that clearly show that of the three major operators -- Metro,

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New timetables on 27th August, as Southland Station nears completion

New public transport timetables kick in on August 27th. Last week (or maybe it was the week before), PTV released details, including full timetables for the routes affected: Metro: More trains at peak times V/Line: More choice with more services Altona Loop users rejoice! (A bit) There will be no more Altona Loop shuttles. Weekday Altona Loop services will run through to Flinders St.


A quick look at Caroline Springs station

On Tuesday I headed out to the new Caroline Springs station for a look around. It opened at the end of January. I caught the 17:59 train from Southern Cross. It was heading to Bacchus Marsh, and it was full -- at least by V/Line's standards, which means every seat was taken -- reflected in their official capacity figures. In fact, a dozen people were standing in my carriage by the time we left


V/Line Geelong and the “good old days”

I'm working on some more substantive posts, but meanwhile, here we go again: a random claim that the trains used to be faster than today. "In 1955 it took under one hour to travel by train to Spencer St station (Southern Cross). In 2017 it takes 70 minutes. Hmmm. Something is wrong with this picture." - Glenn, reader comment in The Geelong Advertiser Yes indeed something is wrong with this picture

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V/Line: a ride on RRL, and 24-hour time… mostly

I finally took a ride on the Regional Rail Link last night. In summary: Trains from the city to Geelong depart regularly, but from numerous platforms -- when I was there in peak, it was 5A, then 7A, 15A, 1, 3A... and when I'd been there at lunchtime, 2B had also been in the mix. It wouldn't hurt to have some consistency. As it is, if you just miss a train, you're likely to have to backtrack a l

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Deer Park PSOs

This is Deer Park station. (Superb pic snapped a few years ago by my friend Tony.) And this is the new pod for Protective Services Officers at Deer Park station. According to the official list, PSOs are now deployed there. Marcus Wong's PSO tracking spreadsheet says they started there on July 1st. Deer Park of course is one of the stations that gets the least frequent train ser