Govt flyer sent to #Bentleigh voters missing any mention of their biggest project: #EWLink

Letters that arrive in anonymous envelopes and then turn out to be party political propaganda are not my favourite thing. This one from the State Liberals showed up the other day. The Liberals' signature project, perhaps the most expensive infrastructure project ever undertaken in the state, is the East West road tunnel -- around $18 billion in construction costs, but likely to cost much mor

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Labor pledges to grade-separate Bentleigh level crossing

As I walked to the station this morning there seemed to be an unusually long tailback of cars approaching the level crossing. I found a gaggle of reporters at the station, and shortly afterwards state opposition leader Dan(iel) Andrews showed up, with public transport spokesperson Jill Hennessy and local Bentleigh candidate Nick Staikos, to announce Labor will grade separate the Centre Road cro


Sovereign risk not an excuse for pursuing bad policy: Labor should pledge to scrap EWLink contracts

I swear I wrote most of this blog post before reading last Friday's Age article regarding contract law experts including Dr Nick Seddon. It confirmed my suspicions: Should Labor win the November state election, there is no legal impediment stopping it from tearing up the contract for the East West Link if it is sincere in its opposition to the road project, experts in contract law and public polic


Investment in motorways vs rail capacity – where are we at?

There's been some speculation about who is running the SpringStSource Twitter account and web site. The web domain name is registered through WhoIsGuard, a Panama-based service specifically for hiding details of people who want to remain anonymous. It's not hard to see whoever is behind it is well and truly on the side of the Coalition state government. As Crikey noted: Spring St abuzz with


Some local PT issues in Bentleigh #SpringSt

The Public Transport Not Traffic campaign held their PT To Parliament event on Thursday morning. Locals were encouraged to invite their local MPs to catch public transport with them into Parliament House, and discuss PT issues with them along the way. My local MP, Elizabeth Miller, was sadly unavailable. So we invited ALP opposition candidate Nick Staikos instead. (As I understand it, the inten

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Service Kilometres Per Capita – are public transport services keeping up with population growth?

In the face of Labor's proposal for 24-hour trains and trams at weekends, the State Coalition has been talking up its credentials in public transport. This tweet from Acting Public Transport Minister David Hodgett for example: Only the Coalition can be trusted to deliver better public transport for Victoria: 1,078 extra metro trains &3,870 extra bus trips each week— David Hodgett MP (


Labor’s all-night PT proposal (and how do other cities manage 24-hour trains?)

Sometimes you see claims that lots of other major cities have all-night trains (so we should have them too). Recently I went looking to see which do. Well, a lot of the world's biggest cities don't. Paris -- last train around 12:30am Hong Kong -- last train around midnight (some earlier, some 1am) London -- last tube around midnight -- though in 2015 they will introduce 24-hour weekend s