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My federal MP’s Twitter feed: relentlessly negative

Because I'm interested in politics, I make it my practice to follow various politicians on Twitter, whether I agree with them or not, including all the local ones I can find. My local federal MP Andrew Robb would have to have the single most relentlessly negative Twitter feed of any of them. Here's all his Tweets for the past week (excluding retweets and also those addressed to other peo


Why are Twitter messages 140 characters?

Did I post this already? I don't think I did. Hopefully not. Why are Twitter messages 140 characters? Because they were designed to fit into the 160 characters of a text message, with some characters filled up with header information and so on. So why are text messages 160 characters? Because they fit into 140 bytes, or 160 7-bit characters. That, in turn, was so the messages could

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I be influential in piracy, me hearties (according to Klout)

Some interesting stuff on social media in the Financial Review the other week: This month, Cathay Pacific partnered with Klout to offer to anyone with a score over 40 free entry to the airline's business class and first class lounge at San Francisco International Airport, the key hub for those working in Silicon Valley. Neat, but it appears you had to show your Klout score on an iPhone app.

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Metro Trains and their Twitter feed

Amidst the outrage about changes to Metro's Twitter feed, there are claims that it used to include train cancellations. This was not so. They did not tweet individual train cancellations or diversions. These only went out on SMS to subscribers, and on the web site. (Alas Metro have now deleted the evidence of this that would be in their favour.) But what they did tweet was disruptions/del

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The importance of context (even on Twitter)

I'm not having a go at anybody in particular here, but making a point. I tweeted what I thought was an amusing comment from someone I don't always find myself in thorough agreement with, Roads Minister Tim Pallas: Tim Pallas's pledge: "I will never, ever, wear lycra in public." #vicvotes -- danielbowen A couple of people re-tweeted it, with this one adding a comment.


Why I prefer Twitter to Facebook

Twitter and Facebook have some similarities. Both offer a micro-blogging feature via status updates. Of the two, I think I prefer Twitter. Why Twitter's better Twitter's public. You don't need a logon to see my Twitter feed. (It can also be made private, if one prefers.) Twitter's open. You don't need to log onto a web site to use it. Thanks to a published API, Twitter has lots of diff


Twitter highlights part 4

This post in a continuing series covers the first half of 2009. (Why?) January 2009 noted a lot of joggers about. New year's resolutions? There's a few people out on the roads who should resolve to indicate. 5:28 PM Jan 1st from txt watching Marita beat up virtual people in Wii boxing. 12:23 PM Jan 3rd from web is not the new Doctor Who. 7:59 PM Jan 5th from web barrelled over to Bu


Local goss via Twitter

Twitter allows one to search, and provides RSS for search results, so you can feed it into RSS readers like Google Reader to keep track of Twitter references to your preferred keyword. So I thought I'd set up one for Bentleigh, which tells me what's going on in my neighbourhood. Happily I don't live in Springfield or somewhere with a name that's very common, and most of the Tweets I s

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Myki newsflash

This was my favourite Twitter post of the week, which I'm repeating here while it's still timely: NEWSFLASH: Govt to change state to the Assyrian Calendar, giving 3 more months to get #Myki right "by the end of the year" (W00t -- Retweets!) And yes if you're wondering, I had done some research before posting it. Perhaps appropriately, the end of the Assyrian calendar year is the "Month of