What to see in Perth?

Off to Perth for a brief holiday next month. (As usual I won’t be too specific about dates; this slightly hysterical article in Sunday’s Age, and its accompanying graphics, was a reminder that it’s not advisable to advertise when you’re going to be away from home.)

What should we see around Perth and southwest WA?

Suggestions so far, from my aunt (who lives there) and others:

If one wishes to gunzel, I see there’s both a rail and a tram museum.

Naturally I’ll want to look at the PT system and try out their Smartrider card… though it won’t be cheap: $10 for the card, and the topups are a minimum of $10 each (and not as widely available as Melbourne’s Myki), which has the potential to make it pretty expensive if miscalculating how much PT travel we do.

Suggestions? Comments?