Domain tunnel closed. Gridlock? What gridlock?

GRIDLOCK will begin to choke Melbourne's roads from Friday night, but the full impact of bridge and tunnel closures for maintenance won't bite until the New Year. Motorists are being advised to steer clear of the city, or they could experience delays of up to an hour. -- Herald Sun: Traffic chaos expected as West Gate Bridge and CityLink tunnels close, 26/12/2013 Oh noes! The Domain tunne


Invasion of the dinosaurs #AusVotes

The other day, local Federal Liberal candidate (and Finance spokesman) Andrew Robb's minions had left signs at the station, but apparently didn't have the nerve to actually face people and try and sell their policies... which of course include refusing to fund urban public transport. Mind you, Robb's campaigners were out at the station a few weeks ago. And while I've also seen the Greens a


A flick through the East West business case (short form, nothing to see here – just trust us)

Tony Abbott is determined to throw billions at the East West road tunnel if he's elected, despite not having seen the business case. The public hasn't seen the business case. Neither has Tony, as it turns out. But he has faith. He believes it exists. I mean, there are lots of things that I haven't seen but I know, and I know that there is a business case for the East West Link. -- Tony Abb


What do people want prioritised? PT or roads? Every survey says PT. #SpringSt

The state government continues to push the East-West motorway (a plan they barely mentioned in the 2010 election campaign) over major public transport projects. But what do the people want? As it happens there's a pretty clear message from surveys going back at least five years. (Skip to the end for the latest one.) October 2008 And 94% believe the Government should be spending more on p


My brain dump from a look around the Regional Rail Link project

Last Saturday some of us from the PTUA did a tour of the Regional Rail Link project. Here are some photos and notes. The RRL project, for those who haven't being paying attention, is basically a brand new railway from somewhere west of Werribee, through new stations in the fast-growing suburbs of Wyndham Vale and Tarneit, then joining the Ballarat Line west of Deer Park, heading in through Suns

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If Abbott’s Coalition won’t build rail, why does their policy document include a rail icon?

If Tony Abbott's Coalition won't build rail, why do they include a rail icon on their infrastructure policy? At least, I'm assuming it's an icon for rail -- not giant white picket fences to keep out asylum seekers, or something like that. (The above is from the summarised version. The slightly more detailed policy document is here). True, they've specified they won't build urban rail,

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Vale Paul Mees, 1961-2013. A great loss.

My time on the PTUA committee only overlapped with Paul's by about a year or so. I was newsletter editor in his final year as President. But I remembered him from my days as an "ordinary" member in the 90s, and in my time as Prez and afterwards, I encountered him regularly around the traps. There were few more passionate and articulate about public transport than he. Paul died last night from c


Stay on the train, or join the traffic? Some young adults are rejecting cars.

Isaac just turned 18. (Yeah, I know.) Anyway, I was talking to him about getting a photo ID that shows his age, so (if he should choose to) he can exercise his rights as an adult. Many his age would get a Learner's permit as part of learning to drive. But he has zero interest in doing that -- in fact he has firmly said he doesn't want it. And I'm not about to argue against that. Not me, who