Govt congratulates itself on transport. But are the stats really that good? #SpringSt

Last Wednesday in State Parliament: The SPEAKER -- Order! I have accepted a statement from Minister for Public Transport proposing the following matter of public importance for discussion: That this house congratulates the coalition government for improving affordability, safety, reliability and punctuality on public transport, and its investment in rail and road infrastructure, and notes La

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Would you like a jellybaby? (Making of a visual stunt)

The first Tuesday of May is Victorian State Budget day. On Budget day, journalists and some interest groups (well, those that have the resources) attend the Budget Lockup, where from about midday to the 3pm public release, they get to peruse the budget papers, but can't communicate what they find with the outside world. They are let loose at around 3pm, and often gather in the grounds of Parliam

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After lunch I took a walk up to state Parliament House. A blanket of flowers covers the steps, left there by people in memory of the Bali bombing. Judging from the notes, most had been left there by strangers, rather than relatives of victims. Above, blowing in the wind, the flags are still at half mast. People were lining up to sign a condolence book. Then I walked up a block and found a bunch