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Election wrap-up: Counting continues, East West Link, and Pudding!

A few thoughts post-election... Bentleigh As I write this, the seat is still too close to call. Counting is continuing, but it would seem we are destined to remain a marginal seat for the next election -- in fact some voters reckoned they were deliberately voting to stay marginal. Elsewhere, some sandbelt (or as I prefer to call them, "Frankston line") seats are still being counted, thoug


Yes, train punctuality has increased – thanks to timetable padding

One day until the state election. They do great work, and it's rather good to see the ABC's Fact Check unit looking at Victorian issues just before the election. A couple of days ago they did a segment on train punctuality: The claim: Denis Napthine says his Government has "improved train punctuality". The verdict: With punctuality running at over 92 per cent across the Metro network,

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Where’s the community’s focal point? It’s the railway station.

Two sleeps until the election. Apart from trying to get citizens out to a public meeting, where in the neighbourhood is the best place to meet as many people you can, face-to-face? Judging from what the politicians and lobby groups have been up to, it's the railway station -- on weekdays, at least. I've lost count of the number of flyers I've been handed at Bentleigh station over the past

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Online state election advertising

Only a few days until the state election, and the campaign is heating up. Here's something interesting I've noticed: apart from posting and advertising on Facebook, the Liberals have paid for Google Adwords advertising -- that is, links to appear above search results on Google. They've covered the names of a number of Labor candidates in marginal seats, plus their state leader's name (li


Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt on the 822

Incumbent Elizabeth Miller has gone strong on "saving the 822", promoting via Facebook and an ad the front page of the local Leader newspaper last week, apparently trying to imply that Labor is proposing to scrap the route completely. Having put the claim out there on Facebook, the Liberals have done nothing to quell people's fears that the route might be scrapped. Comments on the Faceb

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Tram extensions: Not as expensive as some claim #VicVotes

The Greens have policy going into the State Election for 17 smallish tram extensions. Mostly they make a lot of sense -- extending many tram routes from their current outer termini in the middle of nowhere (a hangover from when trams and railways competed) to a more logical point such as a nearby railway station or shopping centre. This helps ensure both ends of those routes go to somewhere use