Brief things and followups

Star Trek TNG — We started watching them all about a year ago, and are so far up to season 6. I wonder if in remastering for DVD, they changed the framing of some shots — it’s surprising how often we spot a boom mike in shot. (Reminds me: Must watch the “Car Pool” interview with Patrick Stewart, being driven around by Robert “Kryten” Llewellyn.)

Washing machine — I’m liking the new washing machine, but the 6.5 Kg capacity does have some disadvantages. I feel guilty about running it when it’s not full, so it’s taken a little re-organising of the schedule to work out the best days to run it. And when it does get used, hanging it all out on the line seems like a much bigger job than it used to be.

Grey water — I try and save my grey water; specifically I have a bucket underneath the shower which we fill up while waiting for the water to get hot. But sometimes if I’m slack at emptying the bucket, it sits there in the shower, full of water. Sometimes I notice this attracts mosquitos. I’m not sure how they get in, but listening to this Background Briefing programme on mozzies and dengue fever in Queensland recently has prompted me to ensure the buckets are emptied promptly.

The Weber Q barbecue which I got on points — I love it. Everything tastes better when cooked on it.

UPDATE — Mucho amusement that XKCD from the other day references a Star Trek TNG episode we watched on Monday.