Home life

Inadvertently demolishing spider webs

I often think spiders would have better luck with their webs in urban settings if they had a little sense of spots to avoid, such as where us lumbering humans come barrelling through without looking (or without being able to spot them). It seems like time and time again I'll inadvertently demolish a web -- usually a minor one. Check this fine example from Marita's place. It was right across the

Home life


I don't like spiders, but if they're not invading my territory, I try to leave them in peace. I figure they're doing their bit to keep the erky insect/annoying fly population down. I don't know what variety this one was, but unfortunately for it, it was invading my space. It was found unexpectedly waiting, having started weaving a web between my two undercover ("priority") clothes lines outside

Inverloch 2010

A short break in Inverloch

Got back yesterday from a few days in Inverloch. We rented a house near the beach with my sister and her family. Sunday Drove down as sorry, but even V/Line's new improved services only provide 3-4 services a day. Anyway we had lots of stuff to carry. Stopped at Korumburra for lunch at the Kelly bakery (not sure what Ned Kelly's link to Korumburra is), and checked out the tourist railway but