South Wharf

DFO has moved from Spencer Street to South Wharf. Oh, well done fellas — a move from an easy-to-get-to spot, to some godforsaken new place which nobody can find.

Apparently they weren’t happy with their high-profile location, being next to a major railway station. For motorists they also had a big car park underneath (though why the government actually allowed a huge inner-city railway station to have a big car park as part of the development, I really don’t know).

Southern Cross Station Car Park

So anyway, where exactly is South Wharf? Down on the south side of the river, next to that delightful blight on the landscape, the M1/Montague Street interchange, and a good ten minute walk from the nearest tram stop.

For those driving, why would you bother fighting your way through the inner-city freeway traffic to get to the same old stuff provided at suburban centres?

DFO map - VictoriaI haven’t been past to look and see if something’s replaced the ex-DFO site at Spencer Street or if it’s a big empty void. (Update: Commenters report that most of the DFO branding is gone, but the shops themselves are still there.)

But I love the way the DFO map looks, with Essendon somehow being SW of South Wharf, and Moorabbin being out in Gippsland somewhere.