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Ten years ago: Pics from August 2003

Another in my collection of photos from ten years ago... Murrumbeena, in the days of M>Train. I quite liked the logo and slogan ("Moving Melbourne") -- less sure about the colours, and of course the splitting of the network into different operators was silly. 2003 was probably the best fall of snow at Mount Donna Buang that I've ever seen. A 360 degree (and a bit more) pan from the sn


Lake Mountain snow

Yesterday we headed up for our semi-annual (?) trip to the snow. With Mt Donna Buang (the closest) looking a little lean in the snow department this weekend, we opted for Lake Mountain: myself, Isaac, Jeremy, my nephew Leo and his dad Adrian (driving). As we headed up the Maroondah Highway, we could see the effect of February's fires only too clearly. Large numbers of trees burnt; some in their


Snow, snow, snow!

We went up to the snow on the weekend. Myself, the kids, cousin Leo, and cousin Leo's dad Adrian. Five blokes on a snow trip. The great thing about going to Mt Donna Buang yesterday was there was plenty of snow. The bad thing about going to Mt Donna Buang yesterday was that lots of other people had the same idea. This became apparent when we got through Warburton and saw one of those

Hobart 2006

Caught in the snow

(Post backdated to the day it happened. Posted Tue 10 Oct 2006.) Over breakfast we pondered if we should go up Mount Wellington. The night before we'd rung about a bus tour, but looking at the weather that day, with snow forecast for the peak, and a lot of fog visible around the top, it wasn't looking good. (There's also a bus up, bike down tour which would be fantastic on a nice day). Eventual



Yesterday, Isaac, Jeremy, Marita, Adrian and myself piled into the car to head for the snow at Lake Mountain. It took about an hour to get past the Edge Of Known Suburbia (Lilydale), then about another hour via Healesville (quick rest stop) and Marysville to the slopes. Not as much snow present as last time, and some mud on the toboggan runs, but still fun had by all. (Mouse over the p


Shoes, Woolf, movies and snow

The semi-traditional weekend update. On Friday night I bought some shoes. This is something of an achievement, as I am majorly crap at buying shoes. I'm better at buying clothes than I was, but the shoe-buying skill still eludes me somewhat. It had to happen though - my usual work shoes, having put up for some time with five-day-a-week wear, were showing signs of stress. Time to get a second pa

Friends and loved ones


Took the kids up to the snow yesterday. As per usual it was a long hard drive, but well worth it for a couple of hours' frolicking in the snow. My back was killing me when I got home, so I'm glad it's only an annual excursion. We stopped off in Warburton on the way there and back. Tell you what, the public toilets in Warburton aren't up to much. Maybe the locals aren't fussy about not having toil

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31 today, 31 today

I think Jeremy enjoyed the snow just a little bit. Yesterday I took the kids to the snow at Mount Donna Buang, which was a heckuva lot of fun. Toboggan rides, building a snowman, throwing snowballs... great stuff. We all got wet of course, but great fun. Today I turned 31. Most of my recent birthdays, the prospect of being another year older has worried me somewhat. Was I look