Sydney 2018, Toxic Custard newsletter

Cruising home like a rock star

Backdated. Posted 26/5/2018 Last morning in Sydney; almost time to go home. After checking out of the hotel, we headed back to the gallery to see if Sunday morning was a better option for looking at the Archibald Prize finalists than Friday had been. On the walk, the last of the half-marathon runners were coming through, including one old bloke, jogging along to the encouragement of passe

Sydney 2018, Toxic Custard newsletter

Mini-break in Sydney

Post backdated. Published 21/5/2018. M wanted to see the Lady And The Unicorn tapestries before they head home to France from their exhibit at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. No big holiday likely this year, so how about we do a short break in Sydney? Booking the flights After looking at frequent flyer points on Virgin, mostly from last year's Europe trip, we went ahead and booked.

Perth 2012

Perth trip day 1

(Scroll down to skip the words and get to the pics) Before we left I prepared by cancelling the newspaper (oddly, by phone is actually better than online; the deadlines are more relaxed), pre-purchased a Skybus ticket (you can print it yourself; very handy), and totally failed to even start packing before departure day. Thursday 5th July We got out of the house a little later than planned


Proof that Skybus was intended to be on Myki one day

Got back from Perth last night. Had a great time, which you'll hear about in due course, but first: something we spotted on the Skybus on the way home: Myki reader mounting points -- and just like those that first appeared on trams a few years ago, they're being used as brochure holders at the moment. Proof, if any was needed, that it's intended that Skybus is planned to join Myki at some p