The circle is broken. But…

You might recall I had put in a request to Vicroads to resolve a 13 year old problem with a local bus zone. The bus zone hours hadn't been updated since last decade. In 2006 the operating hours of bus route 701 were extended so it runs until after 9pm in the evening, and Sunday service was introduced for the first time. Vicroads replied and said they had passed the query to PTV. Then PT


Poor Mr Pictogram

Poor pictogram man; he's obviously in a state of complete despair over the loss of his car. I wonder if he's based on someone real? Has anybody compiled a web site of unlucky pictogram people? That'd be a fun project. Actually maybe he didn't lose his car. Maybe he just got outbid on the signed copy of the Doug Anthony Allstars book "Book" which I'm selling on Ebay. (Was that plug too su


Attn: Melbourne City Council

On Thursday I noticed a Melbourne City Council City Of Melbourne worker wandering around Collins Street with a street sign under his arm, apparently puzzled as to where to put it up. Today I noticed it had gone up. In the wrong place. There is no way through to Howey Place there. If you follow it you'll walk straight into a Kookai store, with no way out the other side. (Though you might