Daniel’s theory of paving: The better it looks, the slipperier it is.

I reckon the better a paving surface looks, the slipperier it is, particularly in the wet. Asphalt: ugly, but grips well, even in the wet. Tiles (as platforms at Flinders Street station have been converted to, but thankfully not ramps) and blue-stone (increasingly common on CBD streets) look nicer, but are more slippery. And some types of tactiles (bumps, for the vision-impaired) often ar


Selling shoes

So, those very nice but badly sized Ecco shoes I bought a couple of months ago... I'm finally selling them on eBay: I bought these shoes recently. I wore them a couple of times and then realised I'd made a huge mistake: I had got the wrong size. Could I return them to the shop? No, not really - there's now a teensy bit of wear on them - not noticeable under normal conditions, but enough to make

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I hate buying shoes

I'm good at some things, and bad at others. One of the things I'm worst at is buying shoes. I hate it, I'm not good at it, and while I don't always stuff it up, it seems like I certainly do sometimes. I went to replace my Ecco shoes. They've been great; have lasted many years, but are finally on the way out. The old ones: European size 44, which is theoretically about what I wear in Austr

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Clear the credit cards for action!

Do I walk a bit funny or something? The heels of the two pairs of shoes I most commonly wear (the Monday to Friday work shoes) are wearing away on the outside edges. Further, one pair is re-developing the same hole which I thought was comprehensively eliminated a year ago. And in the same position of the same shoe. Strange, since the repair bloke fully redeemed it and gave it an entirely new soul.


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The semi-traditional weekend update. On Friday night I bought some shoes. This is something of an achievement, as I am majorly crap at buying shoes. I'm better at buying clothes than I was, but the shoe-buying skill still eludes me somewhat. It had to happen though - my usual work shoes, having put up for some time with five-day-a-week wear, were showing signs of stress. Time to get a second pa