Can you spot the problem here?

Back in the day, the PTUA ran a campaign called “Problem Of The Day“. It highlighted a basic problem on the public transport network each week, by a way of a photo or a video. It was a good way of highlighting that many of the issues are not those that require billions of dollars to fix, but could be resolved with relatively little money and more thought from authorities as to how the system works for passengers.

Eventually it ran out of steam because the supply of good photos dried up — though perhaps the idea should be re-visited.

Anyway, in that vein, the two photos below are from a recent trip to Shepparton. Can you spot the problem here?

Shepparton bus stop

Shepparton local bus

Hint: it was not a once-off problem.

Update: Marcus got it. The bus network maps, web site and bus stops, all show route numbers. It appears none of the buses do.

Why is this important? Well if the buses aren’t showing the route numbers, why bother even having them?

And given that according to the map both routes 7 and 6 run from Shepparton Marketplace to “Shepparton” via different routes – if you’re waiting there or along Benalla Road and you see a bus going to “Shepparton” (but you don’t want to go all the way to the terminus), how do you know which route it’s on?