Are shop receipts getting longer?

Is it just me, or are shop receipts getting longer?

Yesterday in Target I bought two items (I’ve blurred the details because one is a gift for someone).

The receipt was longer than my arm.

Target receipt

On the bright side, on the back are about a dozen different Shop-a-docket offers.


JB Hifi – hope they don’t go the way of Dick Smith

I always thought it was the beginning of the end for Dick Smith Electronics when they stopped selling… well, electronics, and got into consumer goods like kettles and fridges.

Now JB Hifi might be going the same way, with their JB Hifi Home operation, which has moved into some of their stores, and sells stuff online.

Consumerism TV

Is Big W deliberately trying to discourage people buying TVs from them?

Spotted in Big W:
TVs in Big W

Spotted in JB Hifi:
TVs in JB Hifi

The key difference seems to be that the JB Hifi people know how to set up their TVs.

The Big W people don’t know, or don’t care, that on almost all of the TVs they have on display, the colour is completely distorted.

If you can’t see a display product working properly, why would you buy it there?

Consumerism TV

Online vs local

I find it a little difficult to accept the big retailers’ claims that ensuring GST is applied to mail order goods ordered online from overseas will make a big difference. GST is only 10%.

Take for example the DVD of Edge of Darkness, which I mentioned the other day.

Amazon UK price: 3.97 + 3.68 postage = 7.65, or A$12.18 (and note that more than half the postage cost is a “per delivery” charge, so it’s cheaper to order more items at once).

Cheapest price shown on DVD Plaza’s Pricecrawler: A$24.45

(It’s also notable that the version most local etailers are selling appears to be the no-extras version; Amazon has the 2003 edition with a number of special features. And yes, it matters, at least to me. I’m a sucker for that stuff.)

An Age article the other day noted that most Australian bestselling books are in fact cheaper if bought locally. That may be significant if a lot of the books you buy are Australian bestsellers, which I expect includes a number of locally published books.

But that’s not usually the type of stuff I buy.

Ultimately shopping around is the way to go. For the stuff I buy, often it’s cheaper if bought off-shore. And it’s not a 10% GST difference, either… If that’s the only difference, I’m likely to buy it locally so I can have it immediately.

But if it’s a big difference as in the above example, and I don’t need it straight away, then sorry, my wallet tells me I should buy off-shore.