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Could High Speed Rail from Melbourne to Sydney be as fast as air travel?

The Federal government's High Speed Rail study assumes a route from Melbourne via Canberra to Sydney of between 823 and 842 km (mostly following existing highways), with trains reaching up to 350 km/h, and a three hour trip time from Melbourne to Sydney. Some people who argue against the idea like to claim there is no way this estimated three hour travel time could be competitive with air,

Perth 2012

Perth day 7: Heading home

All good things come to an end, and so it was with our Perth trip. We had a sleep-in, then packed up our stuff into the car and headed out. The flight wasn't until lunchtime, but we had one more place to go before heading home: the boys have a strong interest in retro video gaming. (I can't imagine where they got THAT from.) There are two retailers you can buy this kind of stuff from: Cash C

Perth 2012

Perth trip day 1

(Scroll down to skip the words and get to the pics) Before we left I prepared by cancelling the newspaper (oddly, by phone is actually better than online; the deadlines are more relaxed), pre-purchased a Skybus ticket (you can print it yourself; very handy), and totally failed to even start packing before departure day. Thursday 5th July We got out of the house a little later than planned

Brisbane 2011

Brisbane day 6 – heading home

Thursday 6th October Alas, the day came to depart Brisbane and head back home. Perhaps it's inevitable these days that travelling interstate pretty much requires setting aside most or all of the day just for the journey. I suppose it's a consequence of modern air travel, which requires getting to and from airports, and lengthy check-in times. (Plus my preference for flights at civilised time

Brisbane 2011

Brisbane day 1

Saturday 1st October It's probably almost inevitable that when leaving on an interstate holiday, you will head for the airport and reach the point of no return before remembering some vital thing you've left behind. In my case, it was medication -- sitting on the bedside table at home -- which is prescription-only and for which I didn't have the paperwork. Happily I was able to convince my sist