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Old photos from January 2005

Continuing my series of old photos from ten years ago... At the house in Carnegie, we had an old slide (which eventually got left there for whoever moved in after us) and a trampoline (which came with us, but in the end when we'd tired of it, got given to relatives who would use it more). Here I am mid-bounce, with my ancient Reg Mombassa Mambo for Greenpeace anti-car t-shirt. Back when I


The Daily Telegraph, the copied quotes, the problems they caused, and #MediaWatch

During my time involved with the PTUA, there's been a policy to not comment on issues outside Victoria, for three main reasons: It's a Victorian organisation. There are local groups covering other parts of Australia. You make media comment on stuff outside your knowledge at your peril. It takes away effort from activism for and in Victoria. So I was very surprised to discover some quot

Photos from ten years ago, PTUA, transport

Photos from December 2003

Continuing my series of ten year old photos... The Christmas tram in Flinders Street Grumpy Daniel Next, perhaps the most useless Melbourne public transport map ever produced. It doesn't show the most well-known location, the CBD, and shows very few others. It also has numerous errors, including: Implies Sandringham is next to Clayton. Implies Glen Waverley is east of Clayton (it's a

Photos from ten years ago

Ten years ago: Pics from August 2003

Another in my collection of photos from ten years ago... Murrumbeena, in the days of M>Train. I quite liked the logo and slogan ("Moving Melbourne") -- less sure about the colours, and of course the splitting of the network into different operators was silly. 2003 was probably the best fall of snow at Mount Donna Buang that I've ever seen. A 360 degree (and a bit more) pan from the sn

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PT fare discounts you may not know about

From a conversation with my sister, an occasional PT user, I'm guessing there are some discounts around the place that people don't know about. The good news is that with Myki being forced down everybody's throats, if you can get over the hurdle of getting a card (now $6 full fare, $3 concession), it's easier than ever before to get the discounts. This is just a summary, and is aimed at Mel

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Tonight’s PTUA AGM means today is my last day as Prez.

Tonight's PTUA Annual General Meeting means today is my last day as President. I'll miss a lot of it, particularly dealing with the media, and meeting/discussing/debating with industry and political players (the former in particular often providing information that should be out in public, but isn't. (Over the years, I suspect, the media has been increasingly sympathetic as more and more jou

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I am standing down as PTUA president on October 11th

Yes itโ€™s true. I have decided not to renominate as the PTUAโ€™s President, and will stand down at the Annual General Meeting on October 11th. The Age: After almost a decade, Melbourne's chief public transport complainer has finally had enough. PTUA: PTUA President to step down Basically, after nine years, I need a break. It's been fun, but all good things and all that. We'll find out who w

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Melbourne’s slow confusing infrequent buses (no wonder most people drive)

A few years ago they fixed what was probably Melbourne's most confusing bus route, but plenty of others are still running confusing, spaghetti-like routes around the suburbs. Often your trip from A to B travels via the rest of the alphabet. A PTUA report out today tries to measure how much buses meander, by comparing the route distance to the quickest possible road route from start to end. O

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A quote from forty years ago today

But solution of our problems involves hard cash. Of this, at present, public transport is getting less and less. ... (Minister for Transport) Mr Wilcox emphasises that Government action depends largely on public demand. If such demands are not made funds go elsewhere. He says that while the motor car owner readily provides funds for road building, there is no public transport users' ass

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Three brief PT things

Yearly: Beat the price rise Just bought my new Yearly ticket via PTUA Commuter Club. It'll take a couple of weeks to arrive, but it means I'll beat the March 12th price rise. PTUA Commuter Club Yearly plus membership: Z1 = $1090 (order by end of Feb; payment must clear by March 3rd). Will go up about 3% after that. 365 day Myki Pass (Yearly Metcards are no longer on sale): Z1 = $1170 unti