Pics: How they fix mobile phone towers

How do they fix or upgrade a mobile phone tower? With a very big crane, that's how. It wouldn't be a job for someone with a fear of heights. In my family, my sister gave up her landline when she moved last year, and in her household now relies totally on mobile phones for making calls (plus naked DSL for internet). My mum has (without moving) just switched from landline to mobile as


Bye bye home phone, hello VOIP

I finally got around to replacing my home fixed line phone with VOIP. I took the easy route of sticking with my ISP, Netspace/iiNet. Previously each month I'd been paying $59.95 for ADSL2+ broadband, plus for the home phone $22.95 rental, plus $6 for caller ID, plus $2.93 for an unlisted number. Local calls were costing me 30 cents, but because I only make at most perhaps about a dozen a mon


Thinking about VOIP to replace my land line. Any recommendations?

Another $38.60 (per month) bill for my land line, which I barely use. That's made up of: line rental $22.95 17 local calls $5.10 calls to mobiles $1.62 silent line $2.93 caller ID $6.00 Almost all of the cost ($31.88) is in the line itself, rather than the calls. My sister's recently gone down the route of not having a land line at all; just mobile. I'm not sure I want to do that

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Oh no! Home Interwebs is down

Disaster! No internet at home. Yesterday iiNet/Netspace had major outage in Victoria. It was eventually fixed, but even after a modem reboot we couldn't get back online. Then I noticed the home phone (yes, I still have one of those) was getting no dial tone. My assumption initially was that this was just an unhappy coincidence; I'm unclear as to how a widespread ISP outage would somehow affect a


Chickens for phones

Dunno about you, but I've got a spare useless mobile phone sitting at home doing nothing. It's a Nokia 6100 that I got in 2004, then donated to Isaac when I got the 6230i, and he's just recently upgraded to my less-old 6230i now I've got an N95. The 6100's buttons are hopeless these days, and it's time to say goodbye. Happily, until the end of December, the MobileMuster people will donate a

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Clear the credit cards for action!

Do I walk a bit funny or something? The heels of the two pairs of shoes I most commonly wear (the Monday to Friday work shoes) are wearing away on the outside edges. Further, one pair is re-developing the same hole which I thought was comprehensively eliminated a year ago. And in the same position of the same shoe. Strange, since the repair bloke fully redeemed it and gave it an entirely new soul.