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The new Swanston Street superstops – do they work?

Last week the first of the new Swanston Street tram superstops opened. On Monday I went down at lunchtime to have a look, and came across Lord Mayor Robert Doyle, City of Melbourne planner Rob Adams, and Yarra Trams' Michel Masson all down there having a look, and talking to the media about it. Robert Doyle fronts the media -- note the man incorrectly crossing the tracks behind the tram It


Who’s meant to give way?

The law says that motorists turning into a street must give way to pedestrians crossing that street. The law also says that motorists turning in or out of a private property (such as a carpark) must give way to pedestrians. So why does the signage always imply it's the pedestrian that should be the one to give way? OK, obviously it's good for pedestrians to be aware of cars coming thr


No choice: at Fountain Gate, the car is king

The Westfield Fountain Gate web site's advice for getting there by public transport has a list of the buses that serve the centre (the list being out of date -- the 826 and 794 don't exist anymore and the 839 and 840 no longer go there) and notes it's a fifteen minute walk from Narre Warren station. Jeremy and I did indeed head down there by train yesterday. At the station we checked the bus ti


Bottom of the foodchain

I've been sitting on this blog post for a while now. Haven't had time to refine it as much as I'd like, but it's time to just get it out. We probably don't need footpath reports on the radio... ...but we do need more consideration of pedestrians. I think people would jaywalk less, and I suspect there would be less vehicle/pedestrian accidents, if traffic engineers didn't constantly pu


How about some wider footpaths?

There are around 70,000 parking spaces in Melbourne's CBD [source], and cars are a minority access mode. So don't you think they could forfeit a few street parking spaces in the "Little" streets so some narrow footpaths could be widened? (Little Lonsdale Street looking towards William Street. The truck was legally parked.) For instance, Little Lonsdale Street has parking along both side

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This is the law

I've written about this before, but just so it's absolutely clear, I'm going to include a picture[1] with the text: When turning left or right at any intersection (except a roundabout) you must give way to any pedestrians crossing the road you are turning into. -- source: VicRoads: Driving in Victoria -- Rules and Responsibilities, pages 35 and 39. I'm pretty narked off that a 4WD own

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Where are the green men?

A number of traffic lights used for crossing the "little" streets in central Melbourne don't have green/red men. Some do, however, particularly along Swanston Street where there are heavy pedestrian flows and -- I suspect -- more people likely to be just following everyone else like sheep, and not looking for cars before they cross the road. I had been assuming that if there was no g

Home life


One of the things you really notice as a pedestrian in wet weather is low-hanging branches over the footpaths. I don't know if the wet weather we've been having causes the trees and bushes to put on a growth spurt, or it's just more noticeable because every time you brush against something lots of water falls on you, or because it's harder to avoid head collisions while dodging puddles and hold

Morons on the road

OZCOOL = Moron

The other week I met a thoroughly nice bloke who drives a four-wheel-drive. But while he gets some flak from his mates about it, he doesn't live up to the cliche. He regularly uses it out in the bush as part of green activism while monitoring loggers. Interesting. So not all 4WD owners fulfil all the 4WD cliches, by any means. But some do. For example a bloke spotted last week driving a vehi