Maribyrnong’s underwater park: an update

Do you remember the pics of the brand new Maribyrnong playground from a couple of weeks ago, showing severe drainage problems?

New park in Maribyrnong underwater

On Saturday night there was heavy rain in the area, but evidently the City of Maribyrnong’s drainage experts have been busy, because on Sunday morning the park was almost dry — and certainly not underwater.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

I like the way the notices made it clear they weren’t totally oblivious to the problems.

Maribyrnong playground - no longer underwater

The psychedelic playground

The City of Glen Eira has some pretty psychedelic playground equipment in some of its parks. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you’re meant to do with it.

This one I don’t think many people would have problems with. You get on and it spins around, alarmingly fast. Pretty easy.
Playground equipment

This thing however, reminds me of two miniature monorails, but appears to involve “surfing” the board things while holding onto the railings. You can also try and sit on them and ride them, but that doesn’t appear to be how it was designed. Though I’m not really sure what they had in mind.
Playground equipment

This one is obviously inspired by a Mobius strip, and is quite a challenge (in a good way) to climb. We noticed it’s made from four identical pieces hooked together.
Mobius strip playground equipment

And as for this, Escher couldn’t have done better with the ladder. The middle bit is like a rock climbing wall, but impossible to actually use. The slide thing is hinged and wobbles from side to side. Weird.
Playground equipment

(Elsewhere they have equipment that is easier to figure out, and more suitable for little kids.)

A few pics

Nice bit of product placement there, Priceline. (They’re not just in the same aisle, they’re virtually opposite each other.)
Priceline Bentleigh

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth half doing:
Job half done

This advert for (promotion for Advocate, a product of Bayer) was nailed to a tree in the park. You reckon they had permission from Kingston Council for that?
Unauthorised advertising?

If you have to ask how much this super-dooper executive version of Scrabble costs, you aren’t looking closely enough:
Executive Scrabble

Percussion in the park

Yesterday after having a win at Officeworks (they agreed to beat Landmark’s $20 price on Canon ink cartridges by 5%, thus giving me a discount of almost $11 on each of the three I was buying), we took a look at the Sir William Fry reserve.

There were couple of strange metal things near the middle of the park. I felt compelled to whack them a few times to see what notes I could get out of them. (I’m assuming that’s what they were designed for.)

It could be quite a good way to relieve stress, I reckon, slapping the heck out of metal things. Not as good as the Screaming Room, but still not bad.

Thank you City of Kingston.

And thank you YouTube, for allowing anybody to post pointless videos such as this one!