Melbourne’s station parking problem

Melbourne's rail network already has some huge car parks, up to 1000 spaces at some stations, as many as a medium-sized shopping centre. There are more than 40,000 spaces across the Metro network, and thousands more on V/Line. Unlike in some cities, they're all free. The common complaint is that all station car parks fill up between 7 and 8am each weekday. Presumably because car parks are so


Southland paid parking starts soon

Southland Shopping Centre introduces paid parking on Monday 16th October. But before you reach for the pitchforks, it only applies if shoppers stay more than three hours. You get the first three hours for free, with an extra hour if you're going to a movie. Beyond that, it's basically $3 per additional hour. It uses number plate recognition, so if your stay is free, or you've pre-register

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Motorcycle/scooter parking on footpaths – In a crowded city centre, this doesn’t make sense.

Some years ago I wrote about issues with the City of Melbourne policy of allowing motorbikes and scooters to park on footpaths, except in a few locations where it's specifically banned. The problem is, most of the guidelines seem to be ignored. The guidelines Here are the guidelines (see also: PDF version): DO dismount and walk your motorcycle while you are on the footpath DO en


Should parking at Melbourne railway stations be free?

Here's something I didn't know: Perth's Transperth transport system has some paid parking, and you can pay for it with a Smartrider card. Pay 'n' Display car parks are also fenced, but are patrolled by car park attendants between 7.00am and 9.00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. A flat fee of $2.00 per day, or part thereof, applies. -- Transperth web site Bear in mind that pr

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How much ground level parking is there in Melbourne’s CBD?

What's the ultimate waste of space in a city centre? Ground level, single level parking. Along with the access space required to get cars in and out, it's wasted space because apart from perhaps $20-30 per day in revenue, it isn't used for anything. This post from Gordon Price compares a few cities -- the contrast between Houston and Toronto is particularly stark. (There are more in this dis


The bus to nowhere

Apparently the buses at this bus stop have a destination of "None". The addition to the sign in this case is accurate. It's a spot where buses layover in William Street between runs. Apparently they've put bus stop signs up there to stop motorists parking there if they don't notice the Bus Zone signs. But they've made them old-style bus stop signs so that passengers don't try and board b

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Sure, I can park here. Why not?

Well, this thing I'm driving is about as big as a bus, so I thought I could park in the bus stop. Obviously it would have been too hard to move forward a couple of metres into the perfectly legal parking spot just ahead. I guess I could have knocked on the window and asked if she was the 703. But I wanted to catch a real one to see if they'd fixed the zone overlap Myki bug yet. They have


How about some wider footpaths?

There are around 70,000 parking spaces in Melbourne's CBD [source], and cars are a minority access mode. So don't you think they could forfeit a few street parking spaces in the "Little" streets so some narrow footpaths could be widened? (Little Lonsdale Street looking towards William Street. The truck was legally parked.) For instance, Little Lonsdale Street has parking along both side


Parking too close

You're meant to park at least one metre away from other cars, I guess so they have a chance of getting out of their parking spot: If parking bays are not marked, you must leave at least one metre between your vehicle and those in front and behind. -- VicRoads But how does anybody get booked for breaking that rule? How would a parking inspector know who had done the wrong thing? Tha