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Nostalgia overload: Back in the 80s…

I was telling the kids about the days when arcade games were ubiquitous. When we lived in Pine Avenue, Elwood in the early 80s, the local milkbar on Ormond Road had a Donkey Kong Junior machine, for instance. But a short bus ride away in St Kilda was video game heaven. For starters, Luna Park (which in Melbourne was and is free to enter; unlike Sydney, you only pay for the rides), had a shed

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John Lennon 1940-1980

John Lennon died thirty years ago yesterday. He was as old then as I am now. It would have been the following day, thirty years ago today, when the news broke in Australia. I remember getting home from school and switching the television onto channel 9, probably to watch Skippy or The Curiosity Show. A news flash came on. When I spoke to my mum at work a little while later on the phone, I do

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It was twenty years ago today

Exactly twenty years ago today, on the 12th of August 1990, I posted my first online writing -- under the distinctly odd title the Toxic Custard Workshop Files. Being well before the Web, it went to a handful of people at uni via email. As I later wrote (in 1997): Well, back in them days of '90, I was in the second year of my course, a Bachelor of Pretending Cobol Is Structured, failing

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My dad and the trains

When I was a kid, my dad would take us to Camberwell Civic Centre every April or so, to see the huge model train exhibition they had there. We'd wander around for a couple of hours and I would dream that one day I'd have a really big, detailed train set. Early on I had Lego trains; the ones with the blue rails, and coveted the mains electric ones, which I saw in a foreign language Lego catalogu