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The hero

A while back we were in EB Games in Swanston Street having a look at the big Nintendo area on the first floor. Jeremy sat and played a bit of New Super Mario Brothers with another kid. Both being experienced players, they gave the very last level a go. But towards the end, Jeremy's character fell into the lava or got hit by a fireball or something, and his game ended. The other kid kept playing

Video games


One of the fun things with the Wii is creating your "Mii" -- that is, an avatar used in some of the games. While the kids got busy creating some favourite fictional characters, my avatar looks like me. Here's mine, seen in Wii Sports Resort, playing table tennis. Guitar Hero doesn't use the standard, cartoon-like Miis, but has its own rock music-oriented avatars. They look more realisti

Video games

Wii Sports Resort – For The Win!

Okay I admit it, we fell for the hype, Jeremy and I. The demos of the game at the EB Games Nintendo Experience thing in Swanston Street, and Jeremy's participation in a Nintendo event at Southland convinced us to pre-order Wii Sports Resort from EB Games. In doing so we gained an extra (so two in total) Motion Plus controller (and a recharger thingy that's pretty much useless to us because we alre



I was playing around with the Wii Weather Channel. If you zoom out, then hold down the button as you flick the controller just so, you can send the Earth spinning around wildly. Anyway, if one looks around southern Australia, various prominent cities and towns are highlighted. One caught my eye: Keith. Keith? I'd never heard of Keith. Why was it highlighted alongside such significa