The hero

A while back we were in EB Games in Swanston Street having a look at the big Nintendo area on the first floor. Jeremy sat and played a bit of New Super Mario Brothers with another kid. Both being experienced players, they gave the very last level a go. But towards the end, Jeremy’s character fell into the lava or got hit by a fireball or something, and his game ended.

The other kid kept playing, right to the very end of the very last level, which (if you don’t mind spoilers if you’re a player of the game) you’ll see involves some pretty daunting hazards.

He got all the way through. Those of us watching were awestruck.

At the final victory, on the last level of the game, with Bowser vanquished, and the princess rescued, he put down the Wii remote. He stood up from the couch, and he walked off into the sunset (well, back towards the exit to find whichever parent or guardian he was with).

He didn’t wait for praise. He didn’t wait for the reactions of those who had witnessed his great deed. He just moved on.

It was truly an awesome moment of video game heroism.

It’s Mario month!

Isaac noticed the Best Before date on our current jar of Vegemite is MAR10. That makes it Mario Month this month!

Vegemite: MAR10

I think I’ll go play some more New Super Mario Brothers Wii.

Then maybe I’ll make a Vegemite sandwich. (Though it doesn’t strictly have to be used by the end of the month; note the difference between “best before” and “use by”.)


One of the fun things with the Wii is creating your “Mii” — that is, an avatar used in some of the games.

While the kids got busy creating some favourite fictional characters, my avatar looks like me.

Here’s mine, seen in Wii Sports Resort, playing table tennis.
Daniel's avatar in Wii Sports Resort

Guitar Hero doesn’t use the standard, cartoon-like Miis, but has its own rock music-oriented avatars. They look more realistic, but despite my efforts, I think this one looks less like me.
Daniel's avatar in Guitar Hero

What do other people create? Your likeness, or something else?

Wii Sports Resort – For The Win!

Wii Sports ResortOkay I admit it, we fell for the hype, Jeremy and I. The demos of the game at the EB Games Nintendo Experience thing in Swanston Street, and Jeremy’s participation in a Nintendo event at Southland convinced us to pre-order Wii Sports Resort from EB Games. In doing so we gained an extra (so two in total) Motion Plus controller (and a recharger thingy that’s pretty much useless to us because we already have a stock of rechargable batteries — I might eBay that) along with the game for $79.95, not too bad for an RRP of $99.95. Thankfully I didn’t have to attend the late-night launch event to get the bonuses.

I think the first time I’ve acquired software on the exact day of release since Windows 95.

The Motion Plus thingies (which are basically a small add-on to the standard Wii controller) provide the extra precision needed for the game. Adding the Motion Plus to the controller is a little fiddly, but it can be left on for other games that don’t use it — though it changes the feel a little by being slightly bigger and a bit heavier, which I found a little cumbersome for Wii Sports tennis, though baseball was okay.

Anyway the Sports Resort game is a lot of fun. Twelve sports in all (and numerous games within each sport), and I’ll summarise my first impressions:

Great: swordplay, air sports, archery, table tennis (amusingly at one point instead of Match Point, it announced “For The Win!”)Thumbs up!Thumbs up!

Okay: wakeboarding, frisbee.Thumbs up!

Bad: cycling, basketball.Thumbs down!

Jury still out: canoeing.

Haven’t played the others yet: golf, bowling, power cruising.

The swordplay in particular is a helluva lot of fun. Playing against other players puts you on a platform and you fight it out until one of you falls off into the water. The other mode is playing a kind of action-movie, battling hordes of other little sword-wielding guys. (Isaac pretended he was Luke Skywalker fending off stormtroopers.)

Anyway, the whole thing is a lot of fun, particularly with two players.

By the way, also recently got Guitar Hero World Tour. On sale nowadays for about $90 including the guitar. Didn’t want the full band set clogging up my house. It’s also good fun, though haven’t yet had a long go at it. I wonder what real guitar players think of it.