Bye bye home phone, hello VOIP

I finally got around to replacing my home fixed line phone with VOIP. I took the easy route of sticking with my ISP, Netspace/iiNet. Previously each month I'd been paying $59.95 for ADSL2+ broadband, plus for the home phone $22.95 rental, plus $6 for caller ID, plus $2.93 for an unlisted number. Local calls were costing me 30 cents, but because I only make at most perhaps about a dozen a mon

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Oh no! Home Interwebs is down

Disaster! No internet at home. Yesterday iiNet/Netspace had major outage in Victoria. It was eventually fixed, but even after a modem reboot we couldn't get back online. Then I noticed the home phone (yes, I still have one of those) was getting no dial tone. My assumption initially was that this was just an unhappy coincidence; I'm unclear as to how a widespread ISP outage would somehow affect a

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ISP shopping part 2

An update on my ISP shopping post from a couple of weeks ago: Netspace rang me up to discuss my concerns (they found the post themselves), and to let me know there was some progress on resolving them: Advice of network outages -- they said there is already a project underway to advise of outages via SMS direct to customers. Sounds pretty good. Whether or not they'd open up their network stat


ISP shopping

I'm ISP shopping. I'd been considering it anyway, as I'm still using ye olde ADSL1, and in the past couple of years, ADSL2+ has become available in my neck of the woods. I've been using my current ISP, Netspace, for about 7 years, I think. Over that time they've been pretty reliable, but not without fault. My two major beefs with them have been: Every so often they'll revise their pl