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No, the law doesn’t demand that Myki accept 5 cent coins, or that Metcard machines accept notes

The question seems to keep coming up as to whether it's legal for Myki machines to not accept 5 cent coins; or indeed whether it's legal for Metcard machines on trams to only accept coins (not notes). Some people assume that because it's all legal tender, it must be against the law to demand specific currency, or otherwise limit the payment options (such as only providing a limited amount of ch


#Myki myths 4: You have to give them your name and address – No, you don’t

Some people seem to be a little paranoid about this: There is no requirement to provide a name and address to get a Myki card. You can buy a full fare Myki card from a vending machine. No details given, using cash or credit/debit/EFTPOS card to pay. You can buy a full fare or concession Myki card from a station booking office or retail outlet, using cash or card to pay. No details giv


Myki myths 3: credit expires after 90 days – no it doesn’t

The short version Myki credit, once on your card, does not expire after 90 days of not getting used. Nor does your card expire after 90 days of not getting used. If you top-up your Myki via online or phone (NOT over-the-counter or at a vending machine) but then you don't use the card within 90 days, then you may have some issues. The full version It's a persistent myth of Myki i


Myki myths 2: Everybody always has to touch-off, every single time, or they’ll be penalised – Nope.

I know of people saying the only thing they don't like about Myki is the requirement to touch-off. This is particularly a problem at suburban stations in the evening peak. Some stations end up with queues due to inadequate numbers of readers. There are three main situations where it doesn't matter if you don't touch-off. That is, you will end up paying no more. 1. Myki Pass, on trains, trams


Myki myths 1: There’s no “unlimited use” option – oh yes there is

Metcard weekly and monthly tickets won't be available for sale from this Sunday (though you'll still be able to use them if you have them). Myki's equivalent to Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Metcard tickets is Myki pass, which gives unlimited travel on the days paid for. The pricing of a Metcard Weekly is identical to a Myki 7-day Pass. The pricing for a Monthly or Yearly Metcard is almost i