Old man music

Happy Fathers Day. As I recall it, there's a scene in one episode of Frontline where Mike Moore is driving along listening happily to the radio, singing along to "We Built This City". When the DJ comes on he derides it as "one for the oldies" and then throws to something newer, a heavy rock number which Mike thoroughly dislikes, leaving him shouting at the radio, demanding to know "Where's the


The Long And Winding Road

Call me slow, but I just figured out why I never used to be that keen on The Long And Winding Road but how recently I've come to like it -- and even find it quite emotional. It's not just because I'm getting old. It's because for years all I had was the original version from Let It Be, and now I have the revised Let It Be -- Naked version (as well as a similar version from Anthology 3). W

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The power of music

(My blogging is likely to be a little sporadic for the next week or two. I'm sure you can work out why.) Music can often be very powerful at capturing an emotion, a feeling, a memory. After that post a couple of months ago about songs on a theme, here's another theme that's become relevant to me since three months ago today. The Living Years, by Mike and the Mechanics. I sometimes hear th


Dire Straits

Gave the kids a laugh by showing them the state-of-the-art (for 1985) 3-D computer graphics in the Dire Straits: Money For Nothing video clip. Also good, the Calling Elvis clip, featuring the band as Thunderbirds... and the actual Thunderbirds too. All this was sparked by picking up Brothers In Arms the other week on CD, and putting it on high-rotation on my iPod. (Last time around,


What ever happened to…?

Last night's talk between Paul Kelly and Robert Forster appeared to be a sell-out. (Marita managed to get last minute tickets.) They chatted for quite a while about Paul's new book, he sang a couple of songs (Sweet Guy, and You Broke A Beautiful Thing), and answered questions. The best question: What ever happened to the characters in To Her Door? Paul came up with an eloquent, almost poe



These songs are on one of my iPod playlists. Can you figure out what distinguishes them? Del Amitri -- Be My Downfall Jellyfish -- I Wanna Stay Home Weddings Parties Anything -- Roaring Days Ocean Colour Scene -- Mechanical Wonder Paul Kelly -- Love Never Runs On Time Corduroy -- Mini Loudon Wainwright III -- Grey In L.A. Weddings Parties Anything -- Under The Clocks Jimi Hendrix -- H

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When You Walk In The Room

Some songs evoke a particular memory, of either a specific event or a period of my life. So it is with Paul Carrack's version of Jackie DeShannon's "When You Walk In The Room", from 1987. I bought the 45 (rpm, single) of it, primarily because the (quite amusing) video clip included all of the cast of Who Dares Wins -- a sketch show of the time that I absolutely loved that included Tony Robin


Diversity of culture

In the history of recorded music, given the choice, there are few tunes I would be less inclined to listen to than "Careless Whisper" (perhaps better known by the lyric "Never gonna dance again") by George Michael. Yet a lady on the train on Wednesday morning was listening to it on her iPod. All the sappy saxophone, every moaning lyric, loudly enough for me to hear it nearby -- and for it to su

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The Loud list

At work I have a "Loud" play list, for when things are noisy in the office and I need to concentrate on something. Loudness helps, but an all-encompassing sound is even better for when I need to drown out other noise. Most artists in my collection have at least a few loud songs, but some which have more than others and are more prominent on the list, such as: The Living End Led Zeppelin