The past and future of retail

In one lunchtime walk yesterday, I saw both the past and future of retail. "As seen on TV." Seriously, they still use this tagline to hook people in? Does it still work? It's never the name-brand products which used this -- always the slightly dodgy ones. I walked past this display twice, and saw nobody actually looking. Perhaps they do when there's a shouty person with a microphone spruiking i

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Obscure songs: JC001: Never Again

20 odd years ago, when I was into music videos (and television in general), I used to regularly record (yes, on VHS) a few hours of Rage on a Friday and/or Saturday night, and watch it the next day. I'd categorise each song as a 1, 2 or 3. 1s I would copy onto another tape for keeping -- a kind of Rage mix-tape. 2s I would watch once. 3s I would spin through. One much-loved but long-forgotte

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My retro iPod

I just realised my iPod is nearly nine years old. That's an age in the world of computers and electronics... does that make it a retro item? It's a third-generation iPod, back from before they had silly features like apps, movie playback, and colour screens... And yes, it's still going strong, though admittedly most of its use is at home in its cradle, playing music into the stereo. And

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Quick random thoughts

The Herald Sun paywall launched in March, and offered free 2-month passes. Any word on what's happened now those have run out? Strange dream: Woke up with the most enormous sideburns. Struggled to get them removed before having to go to work. Another dream: Was invited to a very elaborate dinner party at Alan Kohler's place, which in the dream was in Carnegie around the corner from where I u


Shiny discs

CDs recently turned 30 years old. I first got a CD player in 1988, when they fell below $200 for the first time. It was a CDC brand player (made by Teac), for which I trekked out to KMart at Box Hill. It worked for fifteen years, until 2003 -- though its replacement didn't last that long. The first CD I bought back in '88? Abbey Road. I don't recall the subsequent early purchases, but I k


Do you still buy CDs? And why?

This topic came up on social media and in real life recently: do you still buy CDs, and why? I do. I buy some stuff on iTunes and Bigpond Music (which sells MP3s), and buy some stuff (particularly older material) on CD. Why? Because I prefer the softer, warmer, fuller sound of CDs to the harsh sound of MP3s. Nah.... Actually three main reasons: A lot of older material out there is

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Sights of Old Melbourne Town – as seen in music videos

Dragon: Are You Old Enough (1978) -- around Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, including the now-gone behaviour of riding the running board on a tram, and a Silvertop taxi back when they really did have a silver top. John Paul Young: Yesterday's Hero (1975) -- around Swanston Street Paul Kelly: Leaps and Bounds -- mostly the Nylex sign, of course Everyone knows this one... AC/DC: It's A Lon

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I feel a bit guilty about this: I re-used a costume party costume. See, I was invited to an 80s Movie/Music/Pop-Culture party, and then a Dead Celebrities a couple of weeks later. Given time constraints and the likelihood of few party guests overlapping, I reasoned that I could knock off both with one costume. Someone who had been big in the 80s, but had since passed on. I settled for Freddi

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Happy Australia Day (and make sure you have a ticket)

The words on the left are from I Am Australian, by Bruce Woodley: We are one, but we are many And from all the lands on earth we come We share a dream, and sing with one voice: I am, you are, we are Australian Wikipedia says the song was written in 1987. I'm pretty sure either that year or the year after, we sung it at Speech Night at Melbourne High School. (Woodley, like his fellow s

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Get well soon, Molly

Music industry legend Molly Meldrum has undergone surgery overnight to relieve swelling on his brain after he fell from the roof while putting up Christmas decorations at his Richmond home. -- Bedside vigil as Meldrum fights for life I reckon for most Australian Gen-Xers with an interest in music, Molly Meldrum is just someone who's always been there, as host of Countdown, then later on Hey