When You Walk In The Room

Some songs evoke a particular memory, of either a specific event or a period of my life.

So it is with Paul Carrack’s version of Jackie DeShannon’sWhen You Walk In The Room“, from 1987.

I bought the 45 (rpm, single) of it, primarily because the (quite amusing) video clip included all of the cast of Who Dares Wins — a sketch show of the time that I absolutely loved that included Tony Robinson (better known as Baldrick in Blackadder), Rory McGrath (who you still see pop up on QI and other shows) and some others who were very talented but have mostly disappeared into obscurity (at least from an Australian point of view).

I suspect the video clip’s high school crush theme also resonated at the time.

I’m not sure what happened to the record; it probably got chucked out years ago. I didn’t think I’d ever hear it, let alone see the video clip, again. But here it is, thanks to YouTube.

(Unfortunately the first and last few seconds/lyrics of the song are missing. Ah well.)

Right now

Right now I’ve got no blog post written for today, so here instead is Van Halen’s Right Now (1992) — one of my most favourite ever music videos.

I wouldn’t like the song half as much if it wasn’t for the video.

(Better quality copy here which can’t be embedded.)

Here’s another old music video that I like which also tries to do something a little deep with its imagery: Tom Petty and the Heartbreaker’s Jammin’ Me. (Note the visuals referencing Apartheid, now happily long gone, graphics from the old Amiga computer, and the Apple/Steve Jobs reference in the lyrics.)