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Walking in suburbia

On Monday I had an errands at Pinewood. Pinewood? Yes, the minor shopping centre somewhere on Blackburn Road between Clayton and Mount Waverley. I caught the bus up there -- the 703 runs from near home in Bentleigh, via Monash Uni, then up Blackburn Road. Unsurprisingly perhaps, we had to wait at the Clayton level crossing for a train... thankfully only one train; it's common for long delays


The 601 is the most important train-bus connection at Huntingdale. Why is it missing from the signs?

The 601 Monash University express shuttle service runs every four minutes during semester time weekdays. It provides a high-frequency, rapid connection from the station to the university campus. Thanks to good publicity from the University, it has a high level of awareness among students and staff, and is used for tens of thousands of trips each week -- about 4800 each weekday according to a re

Friends and loved ones

Flashback to 1993

My old uni buddy Brian recently emailed through a copy of a photo from graduation day at Monash Uni, from 1993. It was at the main Clayton campus, which we rarely actually went to in our student days, though I do recall one memorable session in the campus radio station recording a demo tape of us being comedy DJs with Nick Marvin (then student newspaper editor, now CEO of the Perth Wildcats


Monash transport FAIL

Monash students going back decades will tell you of the poor connection from Huntingdale Station (the closest for people coming from the city direction) to the Clayton campus. Even after they added an extra bus route in 2006, most connections aren't timed well outside peak hours, and during peak hours you get delays from long queues and packed buses. This year it's been so bad the University thems


Up and down like a yoyo

Back in uni, we had a Unix server which (unlike the faculty machines) was available for use by any student. Its name was yoyo, and it was invaluable back when internet access was hard to come by, and official university access was only granted to students studying IT subjects. Why "yoyo"? There was a hope that it wouldn't be up and down like a yoyo. Looks like it's still around:

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Daniel is happy

I'm in an astoundingly good mood today. My week started off really crappily. You know the saga... boring job doing literally nothing... contracted until 21/11... can't escape early. But no matter, 'cos I got the most brilliant news last night. For the first time in the universe's recorded history, somebody is going to pay me for something I've written! No, I don't mean boring corporate computer