Metro tunnel portal plans released

Rail Projects Victoria has released some draft plans for parts of the Metro 1 project. The plans include both portals (where the tunnel connects to the existing aboveground tracks) and the western turnback - a facility to be added at West Footscray station to turnback (terminate and/or originate) train services through the tunnel. Below are some brief notes, but if you want details, you sho


Renaming North Melbourne

It's perhaps a minor thing, but... Back in November 2017 the metro tunnel station names were announced, including a new station called North Melbourne, with the current station to be renamed to West Melbourne. After 50,000 submissions, I can announce that the Metro Tunnel station at Parkville will be named… Parkville. Just makes sense.It also makes sense for Arden Station to be called North


What is Metro 2?

If you live in Melbourne, you've almost certainly heard of the Melbourne Metro Rail Tunnel project (MMRT for short, but to avoid confusion here, I'll call it Metro 1). You may or may not have also heard of the Metro 2 project. So what is it? It used to be the second stage of Metro 1, but around 2012 that tunnel was changed to be built as one big project. Metro 2 is a second metro rail tun


The metro tunnel stations will be called…

So the Metro tunnel station names will be, from south to north... Anzac (working name Domain) -- located more-or-less underneath the Shrine of Remembrance, of course. (The Shrine Trustees didn't want the word Shrine used, by the way. I wonder how they feel about Anzac. Given the usual tight control over the name, I assume appropriate approvals have been granted.) For generations to come, whe


What should they call the metro tunnel stations?

Just posted on the holiday blog: Brussels -- where I meet my new baby cousin in a tram museum (of course!)👶🚋 The state government are running a competition for naming the new stations to be built as part of the metro rail tunnel. It's a good idea to get suggestions. Some of the working names are a little uninformative, and someone out there might have a brilliant name idea that nobody in off

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Metro rail tunnel: The time is right

The metro rail tunnel concept is about ten years old, having first publicly emerged in late-2005. In some quarters, it's been seen as an unnecessary white elephant -- an expensive way of providing for extra passenger capacity in the CBD, when other cheaper ways were available to cope with increased patronage. But time has passed, and many of those cheaper measures have either been implemented, o


Melbourne Rail Link: has it been properly planned?

As I've written already, both the Metro Rail Tunnel and the Melbourne Rail Link provide similar benefits in terms of rail capacity in the central part of Melbourne's rail network. In those terms, they are roughly equivalent. But MRL does have problems. For example, I think it connects the wrong lines. Connecting lines Both MRL and the Metro Rail Tunnel (I'm going to abbreviate it as MRT,


Rail tunnel plans compared

There's plenty of confusion over the various rail tunnel proposals. The Coalition is pushing theirs, Labor's saying they'll stick to the original plan. On the bright side: The major parties aren't arguing about whether a rail line should be built, but which route it should take. Both schemes appear to achieve the goal of separating the major train lines as they reach the city centre, in


Revised (and renamed, again) rail tunnel plans – not as bad as first thought

The metro rail tunnel has been renamed again. What has been at various times "Metro 1+Metro 2", "the Metro Tunnel", and the "Metro Rail Capacity Project" is now "Melbourne Rail Link". The plans for the revised version are not as bad as first thought. The Frankston line will run from South Yarra to Domain and Montague (Fishermens Bend), then to underground platforms at Southern Cross, the


Metro rail tunnel realignment – what a stuff-up #SpringSt

UPDATE 7:30pm: The government has released details which vary from the assumptions in this post. See this followup post. Oh lordy. As some have feared, it looks like the Napthine government is about to stuff-up the metro rail tunnel, which is proposed to connect the Sunshine/Sunbury and Dandenong lines. The Herald Sun reports: WORK on a rail tunnel between Southern Cross Station and So