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Mr Rabbit vs Mr Riley

I don't necessarily agree with Tony Abbott's policies, but I don't think what he said to the soldiers, taken in context, was unreasonable. Colonel Creighton says of the Digger's death: "Was it tragic? Absolutely. But we're all in the knowledge that all the stuff (firepower support) you see here and more was available on the day." In response, Mr Abbott says: "It's pretty obvious that, well,

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Photo library

I think I can understand why the gunzels find this irritating. All media outlets do this kind of thing from time to time -- I'm only using an image from the Herald Sun here because they happen this morning to be showing two on the same page. They have a story, say, something about trains, so they grab the first image from their library that matches the right keywords, and use it, without checki

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The Age’s new home page

This is what appeared on The Age's home page this morning (with my additions). They explained that thereโ€™s a new video tab, which youโ€™ll see when the lead story is best told in video. Eh? How is Ultimate Fighting in any way to be regarded as the lead story? Unless Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott jumped in the ring. And why is a pr0n star (I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's a


Print’s not dead yet

If you've wondered how many people read the magazines you see in the newsagent, here's the figures. The only magazine I subscribe to, Australian Personal Computer, is sitting at 34,111, down 8% in the last year. Perhaps IT-related mags are more likely to be dropping with competition from online, though what caught my eye was that the one that's lost the second highest percentage of readers in t