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Hey Google, tell me where to go

My car has a spot in the central console area thingy that looks like it has been designed to store your mobile phone so you can kind of see the screen while driving, for navigational purposes. At least, the manual doesn't seem to document its purpose, and I can't figure out what else it could be for. A few months ago I had to drive to Balwyn to pick up a batch of stuff to bring home. My naviga


Renaming North Melbourne

It's perhaps a minor thing, but... Back in November 2017 the metro tunnel station names were announced, including a new station called North Melbourne, with the current station to be renamed to West Melbourne. After 50,000 submissions, I can announce that the Metro Tunnel station at Parkville will be named… Parkville. Just makes sense.It also makes sense for Arden Station to be called North

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Digital maps: sometimes I want to see railways, not roads

At a conceptual level, I navigate this city by rail more than by road. For instance, if I'm trying to focus on rain around home, the proximity to railways is far more useful to me than the proximity to major roads. So to make the Bureau of Meteorology's rain radar map more useful to me, I switch off roads, and switch on railways instead. If only more digital maps were customisable like t

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PTV rail map – latest draft

Since our last exciting episode, PTV have made a number of revisions to the draft rail map. Here's the latest version: (Click to see it larger, and uncropped) As I said back in April, I really like this new design, which better represents how the rail network operates. Changes since that earlier draft that I can see include: Sandringham line at an angle which better reflects geogra


A new train map is coming (and: network status boards)

Update October 2014: There's a later draft PTV are trialling a new train network map. They're seeking feedback on it, and you'll see it at some stations now (Bentleigh, Malvern and Moorabbin, I think). Note, just to remove all doubt: unlike the PTV network plan, it's not a concept for new rail lines; it's a prototype of a map of the existing network. View the map larger, in a new wind


Melbourne PT: an unofficial map of frequent (usable) services

You might recall I did a recent poll on three public transport questions. I posted about the first two here. The third was about frequent network maps. Here's the thinking: Frequent public transport services are an order of magnitude more useful to people than infrequent ones. Nobody likes to live their life by a timetable, and frequent services allow you to turn up at the stop/station and g

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According to iOS6 maps, North Melbourne station is in South Melbourne, Collingwood Station is in the CBD

In the Apple Store at Southland the other day, I noticed they had all the iDevices maps set to satellite. It wasn't hard to see why -- it took all of a minute or two to find some glaring errors in the street maps. It's not just that tram lines are completely missing; they've put whole railway stations in the wrong suburbs. It's been well over a month since iOS6 was released... I


Is this tram route map the wrong way round?

While I applaud Yarra Trams' efforts to put more information on-board trams, this map threw me for a moment. I'm used to seeing east (Box Hill) on the right, and west (Port Melbourne) on the left. This had it the other way around. And before you say it: it wasn't designed to match the actual orientation of the tram and the outside world, because there were copies of this map on both side

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Finding an ATM

Having moved offices to Latrobe Street, I wanted to know where the nearest ATM is -- that is, those of my preferred (no fee) banks, St George or Westpac. The St George ATM/Branch locator will only show five results -- including Westpac ATMs. Searching postcode 3000, it shows me those closest to the the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets, none of which are west of Queen Street. I know


The most useless map ever

The Myki people finally posted some useful information on their web site, just days after the PTUA posted a Myki Q+A. They've also posted this gem on the Myki web site: Under Maps / Metro trains, it purports to be a "Metro train zones" map. What an utterly pointless creation. No reference point other than the bay. How does this help anybody at all? (Stop press: I gave feedback to the