I would love a new TV, but can’t afford it. That is, the cost/benefit ratio isn’t there to replace my 68cm Loewe CRT television just yet. So while I’d love to get a high-definition flat screen with digital tuner, the prices will have to drop a bit more before that becomes viable, especially with the looming cost of braces.

Comparing sizes with friends’ TVs, I’m pretty sure I’d want nothing too big — a 32 inch/80 cm screen would fit nicely (without dominating my relatively small livingroom), and some work with a measuring tape and Pythagoras’ theorim verified that even for watching old 4:3 material, that would be bigger than the Loewe.

Three-dimensional TV is the big hyped thing now. I can’t judge if it’s good or bad, because it doesn’t work on me — the consequence of having one (almost) blind eye. So while others rave about it (or otherwise), I can only take their word for it.

But I wonder if the current hype will last, and will lots of people buy it? If so, will those dowdy old two-dimensional screens drop rapidly in price (the way CRTs did), so before too long I can get a decent one off the nature strip?

CRT televisions dumped on the nature strip

I feel a little silly for having bought a CRT in 2002 for $1400 that’s now essentially worth nothing, but on the other hand, how would you feel if you’d bought a plasma TV back then for $10,000 that could be bought now for $1000?

Interestingly, Loewe have a deal on at moment: rebates for CRT owners who buy a new flat screen. Excellent! I could get a new TV without having to sort out where the old one would go to, and without the guilt of throwing it away!

Alas, to get such a rebate involves buying a new TV costing $2999. And that’s the discounted price, after the $1000 rebate. Ouch. Not going to happen.

That’s okay. Ultimately, I don’t even need a new TV. The old one still works. Unfortunately.