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My retro iPod

I just realised my iPod is nearly nine years old. That's an age in the world of computers and electronics... does that make it a retro item? It's a third-generation iPod, back from before they had silly features like apps, movie playback, and colour screens... And yes, it's still going strong, though admittedly most of its use is at home in its cradle, playing music into the stereo. And



These songs are on one of my iPod playlists. Can you figure out what distinguishes them? Del Amitri -- Be My Downfall Jellyfish -- I Wanna Stay Home Weddings Parties Anything -- Roaring Days Ocean Colour Scene -- Mechanical Wonder Paul Kelly -- Love Never Runs On Time Corduroy -- Mini Loudon Wainwright III -- Grey In L.A. Weddings Parties Anything -- Under The Clocks Jimi Hendrix -- H


Shuffling the dishes

One of the things I sometimes do is put the iPod on random play shuffle while I do the dishes (that is, the dishes that can't be efficiently washed in the dishwasher). I find that because I can't readily skip to the next track, I end up hearing stuff from my music collection that I'd forgotten about, and often enjoy more than I thought I would. This week's unexpected highlights: Missy Hig


Notes from the commute

Amusing personalised number plate: "AMLOST". Heh. One day, train commuters are going to revolt, form guerrilla groups (which have absolutely nothing to do with me) which strike in the middle of the night, putting back all the "Stand on left / Walk on right" escalator signs. In the mean time, if you're standing on the right on the down escalator and you hear the rapid heavy thump thump thump