Some pics

It's too damn hot, so here are some photos from last week's jaunt down to Inverloch. Uh oh -- he lives! Spotted this in Cranbourne: In Korumburra we found this company who appear to have named their business after Net Speak's "Be Right Back"... complete with an actual BRB message in the window: This was one of the signs in Inverloch. Especially amused by the layout of the word "Po

Inverloch 2010

A short break in Inverloch

Got back yesterday from a few days in Inverloch. We rented a house near the beach with my sister and her family. Sunday Drove down as sorry, but even V/Line's new improved services only provide 3-4 services a day. Anyway we had lots of stuff to carry. Stopped at Korumburra for lunch at the Kelly bakery (not sure what Ned Kelly's link to Korumburra is), and checked out the tourist railway but