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We suggest you don’t hit this bus

This is an old pic, but a classic. I thought I'd lost it, but it showed-up while sorting through some old files on the computer. I did once ask someone at Ventura about it -- he said one of their staff had taken the photo, and from memory also said there had been no serious injuries -- which means you don't have to feel guilty if amused.

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There goes my August spending money

Yowzers. It's been 7 years since I bought the house. And it's been four years since I bought the car. At the time I bought the car, the dealer I bought it from had just paid the rego, so it's due every August. This year it's $696.50. Obviously because I bought the car in August, the insurance is also due every August. $369.05 (It can be paid monthly, but this is 15% more expensive.) An


Unwanted phone calls, and a higher premium? Youi insurance FAIL

Got my car insurance renewal from Bingle. $375.10. I've had it there since 2009. Thought I'd quickly look around at insurers known to take low car usage into account. PayAsYouDrive... whipped through the form, and it came up with $426.50 for the minimum 5000 kms per year of driving. A more conservative 7000 kms came back as $477.80. So they're out. (By the way, their web site has improved si

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Shopping around for insurance

As I noted in March, a bunch of my annual expenses fall together. This is a consequence of having bought both my house and my car in the month of August. Apart from the insurance on both of them, the car rego also happens to fall in August. I had been pondering why my home and contents insurance renewal cost was so expensive. This in turn led me to wondering if the contents was actually worth i