The latest sponsorship at Southern Cross station? IKEA seat covers.

Observed at Southern Cross Station this week: IKEA seat covers.

IKEA seat covers, Southern Cross Station

IKEA seat covers, Southern Cross Station

They seem to be confined to platforms 11 and 12, though if you’re trying to get to IKEA by public transport, platform 9 (train to North Richmond, then a tram) is probably a better bet.

Not every seat has them, and there are no cushions underneath the covers — just bare metal. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t spot any specific posters or signage for IKEA, apart from the logo.

At least it’s not potentially misleading like the Red Rooster destination screens, or blocking useful information like the ads at the Bourke Street entrance — or indeed blocking your way in and out of the station.

Billy: No more beech

Dammit, why does this keep happening? I figure out what I want to buy, and it vanishes.

After getting the Ikea Billy bookshelves setup, after some procrastinating, I worked out I needed an extra shelf. When I went back last time they were out of stock (I had checked the web site; it had lied to me.)

Now the colour I want has vanished from the web site completely.

So earlier this week I jumped on the Ikea online chat thingy.

IKEA: Hi there, how can i help you?

DANIEL: Hi there. Billy extra shelf 76cm wide used to be available in Beech, but this colour no longer appears on the web site. Is it still available?

DANIEL: (In the 36cm size it does appear listed on the web site in Beech.)

IKEA: What store is your enquiry regarding?

DANIEL: Richmond, Vic

DANIEL: The web site doesn’t just say it’s out of stock, it doesn’t list it in the colour options on the product page any more.

IKEA: The Beech colour has been discontinued.


DANIEL: Is there any way of getting an extra shelf from somewhere, or have they all gone?

IKEA: BILLY EX SHELF 36X26 BE VEN – We currently have 11 of them in stock at the moment.

DANIEL: No 76×26?

IKEA: No it has been discontinued.

DANIEL: Ah OK. Well thanks anyway.

Bllaaarrrggh. The whole damn point of buying a Billy was I knew I could get extras for it later.

Why did they have to discontinue Beech Veneer? It was a nice colour! Not as bright as the birch, not as horrible as the others.

So then I figured out a plan B whereby I could re-arrange the shelves a bit and get to Ikea pronto to get some of the remaining small shelves they have in stock before they run out.

Having checked and double-checked the web site, which claimed to have 14 in stock, this afternoon at lunchtime I headed over there on a surgical strike to grab a couple. (It’s about 25 minutes on the tram.)

Aisle 9, location 11.


Look around at the other locations. Nup.

Queue to talk to customer service guy.

All he can tell me is that they’ve been discontinued, and they’re not getting any more in. Why is the computer saying 14? Don’t know.

I checked the “As-is” section, which sometimes has discontinued stock, then departed empty-handed.


I don’t suppose anybody reading further north is headed to Ikea soon and would be kind enough to go look in the Sydney store (claimed to have 24) or Brisbane (claimed to have 10) and organise to post a couple to me? (Hmm, $8 each, plus postage of about $10-12 = about $26 plus something to wrap them in; not too bad.)

Perhaps I’d better just look again at the shelves and sort out a plan C.