Two more thoughts on Hey Hey

The Jackson Jive The controversy over this skit, which involved five men blacking up (and one "whiting" up) to portray the Jackson 5, rages on. I don't think it's as simple as some are making out. Those offended (especially the Americans and Brits) should bear in mind that "blackface" has no history in Australia, and the racial connotations, including that those participating are paro


Hey Hey

When we tuned into the first Hey Hey special last Wednesday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It's been ten years since the show ended, which seems like a long time, but most of the regulars from back then are still around. I first watched Hey Hey when I was a kid, when it was shown on Saturday mornings. It could be quite absurdist, and they'd freely admit when there was no audience present,

Bendigo 2009

Sending my kids down the mine

(Posted 2nd October. Backdated to the day it happened.) Originally the plan had been to go to Canberra for 4-5 days, possibly driving up via Lakes Entrance and perhaps back via Kelly country. One of the reasons for wanting to go to Canberra was that I'd been keen to see a display at Old Parliament House: the Living Democracy: Power of the People exhibition, because part of it highlights communi

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"I can’t feel my legs"

Went to a bit of a buck's night on Saturday. A bit of a pub crawl through the city. There was one casualty of the evening, and it all happened before we even started! By the time we were in the restaurant chowing down some delicious Mongolian food, our missing comrade had already managed to get himself into a pub brawl, get thrown through a window, and rang from Epworth Hospital to say that he wou