Tramspotting: B1 and B2 #gunzel

I think it was Lonely Planet that had an entry about transport in Melbourne that bemoaned the fact they are no longer the traditional wooden trams of olde but instead "pneumatic monsters". They might have been talking about tram numbers 2001 and 2002. They are B-class trams, but with a difference. These two were the prototypes, sometimes known (Bananas-in-Pyjamas-like) as B1 class. The othe


Steamrail open day

I haven't been to one of Steamrail's open days before, but went along with my sister, her kids, and some friends. I was most amused to find my nephew Leo happily shouting out engine numbers as they steamed past. I might have to get him an anorak and clipboard for his next birthday. On a turntable, a few Steamrail volunteers were showing how to turn an engine by hand. Unlike in innumerable Th


Gunzel heaven: Parallel run

If there's anything that gunzels get excited about, it's a parallel run -- two trains running in parallel. It must take an enormous amount of work to organise such a thing: running two heritage trains on two tracks in the same direction (only possible in specific locations), and having them overtake each other repeatedly so that everyone in each train gets a good look at every part of the other

Bentleigh, transport

A steam train passes

This afternoon I heard steam train whistles, and after some digging, discovered it was R-class R707 headed down to Frankston, and that it would be coming back a little later. Happy to take a break from the sorting out of paperwork that I'd been doing, I took a punt at the time it would pass back through Bentleigh, and headed down to find a vantage point, settling on a spot near Patterson statio