Cling wrap

Speaking of shopping for cheap alternatives, but preferring locally-made goods: initially I avoided buying the Aldi cling wrap because it was made in China. Then I noticed all the brands of cling wrap are now made in China, including OSO and Multix, and the one that's in common use as the generic term, Glad Wrap. At some stage in the few years, production of my favourite shampoo also moved o

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Aldi product reviews

So, in my quest to become a cheapskate, I've tried a few Aldi products. Having pretty-much restricted myself to Aldi products made in Australia (food miles, though it's something of a generalisation), and ruled-out some categories I've been warned about (fresh fruit and veg, meat), here's what I've found so far: The Weetbix clone -- I'm a Weetbix snob. I have in the past rejected Vita Brits


Never pay retail

Costco at Docklands in Melbourne opens today at 8am. I'll be very interested to hear how it goes, but I'm not going to be rushing in to cough up my $60 to join up and start doing my shopping there. For one thing I've realised that if one is prepared to be brand-agnostic, keep an eye on the specials, and (moderately) stock up when possible, it would appear that there's no real reason to ever pay