Google Streetview car up close

Last night this Google Streetview car was cruising along William Street outside Flagstaff station. The driver waved back as I took the photo.

It’ll be interesting to see how long the photos it was (well, may have been) gathering take to get online. Last time it was over a year, but from what I hear they’re getting much faster these days — perhaps a matter of weeks.

Google Streetview car, William St, Melbourne

We spotted ourselves on Google Street View

In January 2010 we spotted a Google Streetview car passing the post office in Bentleigh.

Spotted ourselves on Google Streetview

Google Streetview car, BentleighGoogle Streetview finally updated its pictures, and it includes imagery from that day. Alas, it wasn’t shooting when the car passed us, but it did once it entered the nearby side street — that’s why you can see it turning. So while we’re in view, it’s only from a distance. Still, myself and the boys are recognisable — gotta like that!

Some pics

It’s too damn hot, so here are some photos from last week’s jaunt down to Inverloch.

Uh oh — he lives! Spotted this in Cranbourne:

Uh oh

In Korumburra we found this company who appear to have named their business after Net Speak’s “Be Right Back”… complete with an actual BRB message in the window:

Korumburra sign

This was one of the signs in Inverloch. Especially amused by the layout of the word “Poo”:


When we got home, we found this in Bentleigh. Next time they update the Google Streetview photos, watch out for me, standing opposite the post office snapping a photo with my phone. Maybe you’ll be able to see my Tintin t-shirt (if they don’t blur him out!)

Google Streetview car, Bentleigh