Local council elections: Saturday October 27th

It’s local council election time again. Candidates have been prominent around the streets of Bentleigh, and at least one billboard has popped-up, nicely located so you can see it as you come down this street:

Local council election billboard

I haven’t decided who to vote for yet. Oscar Lobo, pictured above, is running again, and was one of those who responded to my queries on public transport the last time around, along with Jamie Hyams, who I ran into in Centre Road on Saturday morning.

Also spotted recently around the streets have been Brett Mason Hedger (Greens) and Rose Read (Greens — she introduced herself to me on the train one morning, and we had a good chat).

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out as the campaign hots up in the next few weeks.

Update: The complete list of candidates (for every council area) has been posted on the VEC web site. In Tucker Ward, there are 14 candidates for 3 seats.

The psychedelic playground

The City of Glen Eira has some pretty psychedelic playground equipment in some of its parks. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you’re meant to do with it.

This one I don’t think many people would have problems with. You get on and it spins around, alarmingly fast. Pretty easy.
Playground equipment

This thing however, reminds me of two miniature monorails, but appears to involve “surfing” the board things while holding onto the railings. You can also try and sit on them and ride them, but that doesn’t appear to be how it was designed. Though I’m not really sure what they had in mind.
Playground equipment

This one is obviously inspired by a Mobius strip, and is quite a challenge (in a good way) to climb. We noticed it’s made from four identical pieces hooked together.
Mobius strip playground equipment

And as for this, Escher couldn’t have done better with the ladder. The middle bit is like a rock climbing wall, but impossible to actually use. The slide thing is hinged and wobbles from side to side. Weird.
Playground equipment

(Elsewhere they have equipment that is easier to figure out, and more suitable for little kids.)

Rubbish goes user-pays

I didn’t spot this myself, but apparently Glen Eira is revising its bin charges: 120 litre bin charges are dropping from $138.40 to $120, and 240 litre bins are going up from $151.20 to $240.


I switched to a small bin a couple of years ago when I realised my big bin rarely had more than a fraction of its capacity filled. I think I must have been a tad annoyed to find I was only saving $13 a year. Even now, the 120 litre bin is usually less than 20% full each week.

A huge amount of stuff can now go into the recycling (since 2006 they’ve taken codes 1 to 7). The 240 litre recycling bin only gets emptied every second week, and mine is usually full, or close to it.

I know some big families probably do fill a big bin every week, but really, people do need to be thinking about the waste they generate, particularly the waste that’s headed for landfill. I hope this encourages more people to switch to the smaller bins, and in turn to look carefully at what they can recycle and put into compost.

Besides, why should my meagre landfill requirements cross-subsidise those who chuck heaps of stuff away?

Update: Graphic of council advert added.

A missed opportunity?

I assume Glen Eira council put this graph of forecast revenue from parking in their propaganda sheet newsletter because they’re pleased about it.

Glen Eira parking fines

I was going to point out that plenty of people park in stupid places, and I’d prefer they got stung with tickets if at all possible, so they can subsidise my council rates. It looks to me like every other council nearby except Bayside is doing a better job at this than mine.

But having thought about it, I suppose some of those inner-city councils are also earning a heap of money off parking meters. I’m not sure there are many spots in Glen Eira that would be worthy of parking meters. I’m not adverse to paying for parking in high demand areas, if it’s relatively cheap, and particularly if there are easy ways to get there without a car, but I suspect in most areas of Glen Eira it would just encourage a lot of shoppers to go elsewhere.

(It would probably be a better comparison for Glen Eira to be comparing themselves to other middle-distance areas. Bayside and Monash are fair enough, but where’s the comparison with Hobson’s Bay, Moonee Valley or Darebin?)